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Top Summer Party Venues in Islington

Getting ready for some summer festivities in Islington but aren’t sure where to find the best party venues? Tagvenue has the answer - check out our selection for the best venues the city has to offer and get a head start on planning your party!

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Islington Venues Hire Guide

How much does it cost to hire a venue for a summer party in Islington?

Minimum spend for summer party venues in Islington are between £180-2000, though there are also many hourly locations charging around £15-60. Per person prices hover around £25. (Prices based on data from


What are the best places for hosting a summer party in Islington?

Based on guest reviews, the best summer party spots in the area include:

The Derby Rooftop, a rooftop area overlooking historical St Pancras Station. Guest rating: 5.0/5
The Angelic, bright and airy seasonal pub. Guest rating: 5/5
Alwyne Castle, candles and fairy lights perfect for summer evenings. Guest rating: 4.6/5


Which areas in Islington are best for organising a summer party?

Try around just going down the A1 between the Angel and Highbury & Islington stations, as the vast majority of venues are clustered along this stretch and you’ll have your pick.

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