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On the lookout for team building venues in London? You’re in the right place! Whether you are searching for a room that’s perfect for a brainstorming session, a restaurant to bond over a meal, or a studio or blank canvas space for team games, in London you will find just what your team needs. Search the City for a centrally-located setup or look around the suburbs for a more remote spot. Whatever fun activities you have planned for your team, Tagvenue can help you find just the right venue!

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Team Building Venues Hire Guide

Putting the smartest people in your business in one room isn’t automatically going to make them into a prosperous team who will help the company grow. To evolve a group of individuals into a cooperative team, a good leader needs to enable the team members to develop relationships, grow trust and build mutual understanding. A team that is able to communicate and work together towards one goal, will be more productive and effective in their work, thus becoming the company’s greatest asset.

When you decide to organise team building activities, you can choose from a range of options. You can start with short games in your office, or, if you choose to take the team outside their workplace, head out to another venue for a meal or a retreat. Organised activities out of the office are more casual, allowing your employees to be more relaxed and open towards each other. But there are plenty of team building games that you can organise in your office that are cost-effective, but still great for a bonding activity. It’s good to remember that team-bonding activities should not be a one-time event only, so from the start it’s best to look for ones that could be repeated if the team likes them. To help you with your decision making, we’ve prepared some ideas for team-bonding activities for you:

Board games. A one-time investment that can go a long way. With a plethora of games to choose from you can pick fun ones that will allow your team to relax during their breaks, or strategic ones, where the team members will have to plan their strategy, communicate and compete in a healthy environment. If you have game board enthusiasts in your team they can lead and explain the games to others. Take some time off your regular work schedule to let your team engage in this fun activity.

Office trivia. A fun game that doesn’t need much preparation and which can be held both in the office and outside of it. Prepare questions that are office or work-related. You can also come up with some questions about the industry you’re working in. Questions may be answered individually or you can separate your team into two groups and have them compete against each other. The workplace is one thing that everyone on the team has in common, so office trivia can enable you to enhance that bond.

A shared meal. A very simple event that can instantly bring the team together. Gather the team for a meal, ideally outside the office. A change of scenery and getting away from the office can really improve your team’s communication  with each other. Since people usually tend to sit near the colleagues they already know, it might be a good idea to prepare name tags and arrange them in a way that will mix everyone up. Before deciding on the restaurant or menu, ask the attendees for any dietary restrictions.

Cooking workshops. Going out together for a meal is a great idea, but even a better one might be to prepare it together beforehand! If you have an international team you can make it into a series of events where the team will learn about each others’ traditional cuisines. Or you can have everyone working together on a new meal that no one has ever tried before.

DIY workshops. These are much like cooking workshops, but cater to teams who like to get their hands dirty. There are so many DIY activities to choose from, you are sure to find ones that will be great for your team. You can have workshops where each participant will work on their own project or have the team divided into couples or smaller groups to work on a project together. After the workshops, you can display the results in the office.

Sport championships. Why not organise an outdoor activity that can become a yearly event. Take the team outside and have them compete individually or in groups. Doing sport activities will build team spirit, coordination, and communication. The activities you choose to do don’t have to be taken straight from the Olympics, you can do a three-legged race or a laser tag. Try to stay away from activities that might be too challenging, or offer an alternative to those who won’t or can’t participate.

Charity work. Doing a good deed together will build a sense of community and allow the team to work together toward a common goal. Let the team decide first what they would like to get involved in and then plan on how to help out. You can encourage choosing a charity that falls within your organisation’s values to work on company culture as well.

All of the ideas we’ve mentioned above are even easy to organise for remote teams. But if you’re not sure how to go about it, here at Tagvenue we can help you with that as well. Check out our propositions for virtual team building activities and let us take care of your team for you!

Team Building Venues in London FAQ

How much does it cost to hire a team building venue in London?

You can hire the smallest venues for as low as £17 per hour. Per session prices start from £75 and per event ones start from £90. If you’re planning to hire the venue for the entire day you can find full day hire fees starting at £300. Keep in mind that pricing may change depending on the time of day, with some venues charging differently per morning and per evening. Prices during the weekends may also be different from weekday ones. (All data from Tagvenue.)

What should I keep in mind when looking for a team building venue in London?

Always look for a venue that will match the activities you have planned for your team. Also, check the size of the venue, so that your team can use it comfortably. See if the venue has all the equipment you will need for the activities you have planned and whether everyone participating will be able to access the venue. Lastly, make sure the place you have chosen fits into your budget.

Which areas in London are best for hiring a team building venue?

London is a vibrant city with many venues that will answer your needs. Search for a venue along the tube lines for easy and quick access. Due to the large density of offices, the City of London or Canary Wharf are great locations for team-building events. Search around Soho if you would like to follow a team building event with a cocktail or a dance party.

What kind of venue can I hire for team building activities in London?

When searching for a venue, you can find co-working spaces with offices of all sizes that will have all the on-site facilities needed for successful team bonding. If you’re looking for more relaxed-style venues search for private lounges or outdoor terraces or patios. Multipurpose spaces like workshops or creative studios can also be adjusted to fit your needs. If you want to hold a team building over a meal or drinks, search for restaurants, bars, or pubs.

Guests Reviews of Team Building Venues on Tagvenue

Elaine Young
Booked Upstairs at The Craft Beer Co. Islington
The managers and staff were all lovely to work with, very helpful, food came quick and we loved that we had a private space to ourselves. The venue is only a short walk away from Angel station. We got a great suggestion for our vegan friends in regards to the menu and staff were helpful with the sound system. Thank you Craft Beer Co. we had a fantastic evening!
simona webb
Booked Whole Venue at The LBA LAB
Really lovely event space. Flexible to enable moving around. Having kitchen facilities was a bonus as well as having screens, flipchart and stationary (pens, paper, etc). Really good service on booking too.
Grace Myint Dobson
Booked Carrington Room at Artwork Classrooms
Great location - literally a 3 minute walk from LB station and down a nice little alley. The room is very spacious, clean and full of light. We had just enough chairs for about 35 people and Tom was brilliant at communicating. He sorted us out with a hot water urn and went above and beyond to get us a new one when we found it wasn't working. There's a little corner shop round the corner if you forget anything important. Special thanks to Tom for sorting us out and no doubt clearing up our bags of rubbish at the end which we piled up!
Lauren Somers
Booked Full Venue at Nordic Bar
Brilliant evening and excellent service from the staff - would definitely recommend for a casual team building eve!
anna dickson
Booked Nikki's Room at The Euston Office
really good idea to get out of the office for a couple of hours and have the time to discuss things we never usually have time for. The venue was clean, central, and has a central coffee/tea area. Would certainly recommend it to others for a team away day.
Beth Eggar
Booked Victorian Loft at Lumiere London Southwark
Victorian loft is a great space - really unique and extremely versatile. It felt warm and homely. The team were also really friendly and accommodating, quick to respond to emails and answer queries. They were also fully contactable on the day and really helped to ensure the event ran smoothly

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