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Gala Dinner Venues Hire Guide

Need a great gala venue in London? Remember that the best galas have a touch of fairy-tale magic. Like a prom for grown-ups, a gala typically features entertainment, dinner and dancing, and sometimes a silent raffle or auction. This type of event is all about the wow factor, whether that means organising a VIP speaker, amping up the festive atmosphere with an inspired theme, or maybe even giving away a once-in-a-lifetime auction prize.

How to plan a gala dinner in London

Organising a gala dinner is a pretty big undertaking, so plan early and with your purpose in mind. Do you want to raise some money for charity, make an important business announcement, or just entertain some important guests? Regardless of your main goal, you should make sure your gala planning covers all of the bases. Here’s our checklist of elements that you should account for when planning a gala dinner:

  • Find a great venue - In order to make your gala spectacular and memorable, you’re going to need a venue with enough space and glamour to impress your guests. It’s best if you know the general number of guests you’re going to invite before the hire, so that you can fit your gala dinner venue into your specific needs. Check out venue pages and photos to make the best choice.
  • Ensure convenient access - Most guests are expected to arrive by car, so you should check if the venue has sufficient parking facilities, or if there’s a parking garage nearby. Checking the local public transport connections and hiring a valet service also wouldn’t hurt. If you expect some people with disabilities to come for your fundraiser, check if your gala venue offers full accessibility.
  • Hire the best catering - Food and drinks are a very important element for every party, and galas are no exception. You can start out with some finger foods and hors d'oeuvres, but usually a complete dinner is expected. If you want to serve some great quality food, you usually have 3 options: hire a venue that already has in-house catering (like a fancy hotel function room or a top-tier wedding venue), secure a catering firm yourself, or let your venue manager do the legwork. Gala dinner venues usually have access to some incredible chefs if you wish to hire them.
  • Consider your options for entertainment - The key to planning a great gala dinner is making sure that all of your guests are having a good time. From live music to photo booths, and from magic shows to dance lessons, there are lots of ways to make sure that every one of your guests has something fun and engaging to do throughout the evening.
  • Create a program - In order to make this ordeal go more smoothly, you should make an agenda. List the most important events of your gala and try to space them out so that the guests have some time to lounge and socialise before the big points of the night. If you have any performers lined up, make sure to contact them and find a timeframe that works for everyone.
  • Invite your guests in advance - In order for the guests to fit your event in their schedules, you have to send out the invitations at least 6 weeks before the event. But if you can send them out earlier, it’s even better. That way the guests will be more likely to attend your gala. No matter if you’re using invitation cards or digital invitations, you should make sure they’re aesthetically pleasing and contain all the important information such as date, venue address, and main bullet points of the gala.
  • Ensure a consistent theme - What good is the most incredible menu, the most generous sponsorships, and even the greatest of parties, if your venue doesn't support the tone and theme you've already put so much energy into? From location to lighting, all the details can be perfectly in line with your theme, creating a truly unforgettable experience for your guests. You can also include a dress code you may want your guests to follow in your gala invitation.
  • Enjoy yourself! - If you have everything set up and the staff knows exactly what they're supposed to do, the only thing you should focus on is acting like a host and socialising with your guests. Most of them would want to have at least a short chat with you so be diligent about it!

Now that you know everything there is to know about organising the most amazing gala event in London, you can start the process today by hiring your favourite space on Tagvenue. Our smart search filters will make the process of sourcing the best gala dinner venue quick and painless. Our marketplace lets you contact venues and send enquiries directly to the venue managers and close the deal online, with no additional fees! Start making your dream event come to reality with Tagvenue today!

Gala Dinner Venues in London FAQ

What are the best places for gala dinners in London?

If you want to find the best gala venues London has to offer, you should start your search between Westminster and Piccadilly Circus. There you’ll find some of the biggest and fanciest venues in this part of the city. Alternatively, you can look around St. Pancras or anywhere in close proximity to The City of London.

How much to pay for a London gala dinner venue?

Venues suitable for a smaller gala dinner start at around £100 per hour. Bear in mind that larger spaces (for 100+ people) that are relatively close to London’s centre will cost anything from £400 to £8000 per hour (including venues which can be hired only for 4-5 hour long sessions). (All data from Tagvenue.)

What’s included in the price of a gala venue?

It’s always best to ask the venue managers about this - while sometimes you can get drinks and catering for the price of the hire, it’s always better to check the venue’s terms and conditions before you sign the contract.

When do gala dinner venues in London close?

Most gala dinner venues in London sometime around midnight, but every venue’s open hours are slightly different. Check the venue page for more detailed information.

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