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Are you looking to have a photoshoot in Manchester? Tagvenue has got you covered. Manchester is home to many photo studios, each able to cater to the needs of any shoot you have planned. Browsing through our listings can help you find the perfect studio in a flash. We offer everything from small, well-lighted studios for product shots, or beautiful, large venues for filming the project you’ve always dreamed of. So, book now and be in a studio in a flash!

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Photo Studios in Manchester FAQ

How much does it cost to rent a photo studio in Manchester?

Many studios in Manchester charge rates for longer time spans and for many a minimum rental time of 2hrs are required. Despite these requirements, renting a studio space is still within everyone's budget and you can be sure to find an option that will offer exceptional service and an attractive rate. Renting a space for 2hrs costs £45 whereas prices for half-day and full-day service range from £80 to £275 during weekdays and up to £330 on weekends. Before booking a studio it is worth taking into consideration that weekend hires are usually more expensive.

What is the essential equipment a photo studio should have?

To ensure the success of your session, enquire beforehand about the equipment that is available onsite. Most professional studios offer professional-grade lighting and softboxes as well as a large number of backgrounds to suit your needs. Inquire about the colour options and size of the backgrounds, this is crucial because depending on the number of people present in the frame larger backgrounds may be required. Many studios will also possess a number of props to liven up your shoot, but feel free to bring your own to create the look you desire. As with any collaborative endeavour be sure to communicate your vision clearly so that the space can be prepared and the venue team can offer the assistance you need. 

Where can you find a cheap photo studio in Manchester?

Staying on a budget may seem like a daunting task, considering that most envision photographic sessions as glamorous and expensive enterprises. Fortunately, this isn’t the case anymore, and creating a professional photoshoot is within the budget of most anyone. Besides choosing a studio that won’t cripple your bank account and sentence you to a month of living off potato peels, you can maximize the effectiveness of your session by following these helpful tips. Keep costs low by renting space during the weekdays. Most studios charge more for weekend hire so this is the quickest way to keep costs low. Manchester boasts a number of budget studios such as the NQ Photography Studio, CreativeThinking Space, and the Beehive Studio. Four-hour sessions at these locations top out at £120, whereas a full day will put you back at most £200.

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Zahra Ghaus
Booked Studio at Budget Studio
Over all the studio has a very cosy vibe. Everything was explained in detail. It was a smooth experience
James Garrow
Booked Studio5 Photography Studio at Studio 5 Creative
Great little space with great essential equipment. Very affordable and easy to get to. Very helpful staff.

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