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Start searching for a filming location in the UK’s Second City! Birmingham has a vast range of locations that offer amazing visuals, natural beauty and fantastic urban energy. This historic city was once the vast industrial heart of England, and today much of that architectural inheritance remains, except it has now been repurposed for modern use. Able to mimic historic landscapes or world-class cities, Birmingham is a prime favourite for location shoots.

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Filming Locations Hire Guide

Easy to reach and great for mimicking many different locations worldwide, Birmingham is one of the UK’s most favourite filming locations. Professional expertise abounds in the area, and location shoots can be managed without any fuss. The most difficult choice will be deciding on the perfect filming location. Whether it is iconic architecture features such as The Cube or The Mill, or the more shabby chic look of places such as The Bond or vintage movie theatre The Electric, this city has just the perfect spot for you.

Filming Locations in Birmingham FAQ

Which locations in Birmingham are the best for filming?

If you are searching for shots in Birmingham that have a big city feel but can be anywhere in the world, consider locations such as 60 Severn Street or Millenium Point in the city’s Eastside. For large-scale stadium shoots, consider the iconic Villa Park or St Andrew’s. If you need busy street scenes, shopping areas such as The Bullring, or The Custard Factory offer exciting and colourful visuals among the bustling city streets. For a more urban and backstreet feel, consider areas around The Canal Edge or the heart of the city’s art scene in Digbeth. Municipal properties such as Grand Central Station, the Old Fire Station on Lancaster Circus or the Council House are also popular choices. While it may seem surprising to some, the city also offers a range of beautiful open landscapes and natural reserves available for filming. Check out Edgbaston Reservoir or Cannon Hill Park, among many splendid choices.

How much does it cost to hire a filming location in Birmingham?

Location hire is an extra cost and will vary widely depending on the location. Some blank canvas areas can start around £20 per hour. However, you can expect to be charged between £75 to £150 or more per hour for outdoor locations. Some private areas that do not charge separate filming rates will generally charge straight hire fees. You can expect costs to range widely between £20 to prices in the thousands for private businesses and homes.

How do I hire a filming location in Birmingham?

To hire a filming location in the city, you will need to receive a permit from Film Birmingham. Prices for the application will vary according to the size of the shoot and any extras required, such as city staff to manage parking, insurance, risk assessment costs, or garbage removal. Expect costs for this process to range between £40 to £400.

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