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Birmingham offers a selection of photographic studios capable of catering to most of your needs, whether you plan on hosting a wedding, family, commercial or corporate photoshoot. The majority of the photo studios are conveniently located in Birmingham’s centre. Studios are indispensable environments for both the experienced professional as well as for the budding enthusiast, fortunately their availability and pricing puts them within reach of all photography lovers.

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Photo Studios in Birmingham FAQ

How much does it cost to rent a photo studio in Birmingham?

Depending on a number of factors, different studios charge personalised rates that should be taken into consideration. Prices in Birmingham go as low as £35 for a one-hour studio session. Studio hire itself can range from £85 for 4hrs of studio time to £150 for 8hrs. The price includes full access to the equipment located onsite. Additional prices may be incurred should you desire an assistant to help you in bringing your vision to life. 

What is the essential equipment a photo studio should have?

Before committing to a particular studio be sure to inquire about the equipment available at the location. This will help guarantee that the photo session you have in mind will be a resounding success. Ask about lighting options, the presence of softboxes, backgrounds, and prop availability. If the venue doesn’t possess the equipment you need for your session, feel free to bring them yourself if possible. Also of importance is to enquire about the size of the background and breadth of colours that the studio has on hand. This can be crucial if planning a session with a larger amount of people or if your shoot requires a certain aesthetic. As always though, communication is key so be sure to inform the studio about any unusual requirements you may have.


What are some of the unique photo studios in Birmingham? 

Birmingham is home to a large number of interesting photo studios that can serve as an inspiring setting for your next photoshoot. Capable of bringing to life your vision, whether it is a simple background photo session or an elaborate production requiring complex logistics, the studios that are listed below will deliver exceptional service and facilities all the equipment and know-how you require. Sozo Studios offers exceptional service and facilities at competitive rates. River Studios offers an incredible blank canvas space and specializes in artistic photography, ensuring that your vision will be impeccably captured. SS Creative is also an amazing option and offers professional spaces that will provide endless inspiration for your next session.

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Apekchhya Tamang
Booked Studio 1 at CFC Studio
CFC studio is so spacious you have everything you need there for a studio shoot. Lighting, background and even props are provided. Chris went above and beyond helping me out. I highly recommend this studio and will definitely be back!
Comez L.
Booked Studio 1 at CFC Studio
Highly recommended when you’re planning a professional shoot in Birmingham ! Excellent service as well

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