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Congratulation on your upcoming nuptials! Now that you’ve made it this far, it’s time to pick a venue for the wedding. There are a lot of different kinds of wedding reception venues in Liverpool and it can be a tricky task to navigate through choosing one. On this page, we will guide you through getting hitched in Liverpool. Whether you want an unusual wedding, a cheap one, or a traditional celebration, you’ll find a perfect venue for it on this page! Below we have listed the best places to get married in Liverpool.

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Wedding Venues Hire Guide

Liverpool is a coastal city in northwestern England, where the River Mersey and the Irish Sea meet. It is a mid-sized city that plays host to many events and functions, including many weddings. Liverpool is probably most famous for their football club, Liverpool FC, and for being the Beatles hometown. When it comes to weddings, many couples in Liverpool choose town hall weddings or hotel wedding packages. But no matter what kind of venue or space you are looking for, chances are that you’ll find it in Liverpool.

Have a vision in mind? Take a moment to consider these few things before booking a wedding venue in Liverpool:

  • Pricing – It may be obvious, but pricing should be the first filter you run every wedding venue through. Most weddings have a budget, and by making sure you only choose from venues that you can afford will save you a lot of time and work.
  • Food and drinks – Most wedding venues offer some sort of catering. Make sure that you taste test the menu and are comfortable with the drink selection before reserving the venue.
  • Payment – It’s a good idea to ask ahead of time how much of a deposit the venue requires. Also, figure out with your fiance and family who is responsible for paying the deposit. Clearing this up early will save everyone from a lot of stress later.
  • Vendor team – Check to see if the venue supplies their own recommended vendors, such as DJ’s, catering services, photographers etc. or if you need to find your own vendors for your reception.
  • Ending time – Is there a time that the event has to be over? Is there an option to purchase a later end time? It’s good to ask these questions ahead of time, after all, once the party gets going and everyone is dancing their pants off, you might want to stay a little later than planned.

We understand that the budget is an important element of the wedding planning process, that is why we're here to help you figure out how much does it actually cost to hire a wedding venue in Liverpool:

  • Most wedding venues in the Liverpool area charge a per person rate that will sometimes get cheaper with the more people you have attending your wedding. The per person pricing model is typically all-inclusive, and will cover food, drinks, equipment, seating, and sometimes even decor! This all-inclusive, per person price ranges from £30-£900 per person.
  • For many wedding venues, the hire fee pricing model is a common price structure to use. The hire fee option is the amount that you must pay for using the space only and will rarely include extras. The price varies depending on how long you need the space for. The hire fee price ranges from £2,000-£12,000.

Still lacking inspiration on where exactly you want your special day to take place? Here are three of the most popular locations for weddings in Liverpool:

  • Liverpool Docks Area – The port of Liverpool is a dock system that runs from Brunswick Dock to Seaforth Dock. In the area, you will find various popular waterside wedding venues, as well as museums parks and lovely architecture.
  • Fairfield – This quiet area of Liverpool plays host to many park wedding ceremonies and receptions. Fairfield is mostly residential streets with pretty architecture and small parks along the way. It is a popular location for smaller or outdoor weddings.
  • Anfield – Home of the Liverpool FC, Anfield is well suited for holding a large influx of out of town guests. There are several hotels to stay at and host weddings at as well as a few other options for wedding venues in Liverpool.

Have some questions in mind? Take a look at these most frequently asked questions:

Do I need a wedding planner?
This is a tricky question that can only be answered upon finding the answers to these questions first: Can I afford a wedding planner? How much work and research am I willing to do myself? If you can afford one, and you don’t want to spend too much time researching every aspect of wedding planning – get a wedding planner. If money is tight and you’re willing to do most of the groundwork, then you’re probably fine without one.

What time of year is best for a wedding in Liverpool?
Liverpool has the luxury of experiencing all four seasons. So, what season do you love the most? Your wedding is all about you and your love for each other, so choose the time of year that makes you the happiest. As far as logistics go, it’s easiest to stay clear of the winter months so your guests can travel easier - but don’t let that stop you from choosing a winter wedding if that is what you want.

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We chose our venue during the pandemic and took a leap of faith as we were actually unable to view it in person, however this totally paid off, when we were able to visit it was even better than expected. Sophie ran through everything with us in detail and as someone who is very detail orientated this made me feel more relaxed and less like a bridezilla ha! The communication was excellent throughout and when our special day arrived everyone was very helpful! From helping us set up our room for our wedding breakfast, serving our food/drinks and the overall service from the waiting staff was incredible. We had the most amazing day! Thank You so much.

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