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You’re spoilt for choice when it comes to hiring photo shoot locations in picture-perfect London. But where’s the best place to start your search? Here at Tagvenue we’re happy to point you in the right direction. Whether you're organising a corporate photo shoot or pursuing a personal passion project, our shortlist of London's most in-demand photo shoot locations is sure to come in handy. What are you planning and when? No matter your requirements, we're sure to have something special to catch your eye!

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Photo Shoot Locations Hire Guide

You’re in London and thinking about a great place to snap some superb pictures? You couldn’t have been in a better place! London is dotted all over with both indoor and outdoor photo shoot places at every price range. From eclectic Soho, Covent Garden and Westminster right in the heart of Central London, where inspiring people gather together to get those creative ideas flowing, to more peaceful and quiet neighbourhoods of Dalston and Hackney - they all offer a range of options to choose from! In fact, each part of London has one-of-a-kind locations to offer! So grab your camera and any other equipment you need and hop on our curated list to discover a perfect photo shoot location in no time! 

Before you start your search, however, we recommend creating an action plan. It doesn’t matter if you’re a pro or a beginner photographer, or a photo shoot coordinator, these types of plans have many benefits! They clarify your goals - to make the best pictures possible - keep you focused and help the whole photoshoot go smoothly. They also come in handy when you are trying to specify what type of photo shoot location you need, as well as which equipment, extras, etc. To inspire you in making your own plan, we’ve come up with a list of key points to keep in mind while searching for an ideal location.  

Things to keep in mind when hiring a photo shoot location:

  • The studio space you’ll need - Is it a big photoshoot with many models, makeup artists, fashion stylists? Or a smaller one with only a photographer and a model present? You need to think about how big of a space you need to make all the participants feel comfortable in order to conduct the best photoshoot possible.   
  • The facilities you might require - Longer photoshoots require breaks, so it would be great for models and other staff to have a space to relax and eat snacks. Check out locations that offer a kitchen or a dedicated area for breaks. A perfect location should also have a changing room, as well as makeup stations to get the models ready.   
  • Equipment - Think of which equipment is essential for the final outcome to be the best possible. Some locations provide some basic photography equipment in the hire fee, such as backdrops, lighting (strobes, speedlights, or a Three Point Lighting configuration) and some props. For a fashion photo shoot, clothes racks, changing rooms and a makeup table may also come in handy. Some photo shoot venues may also provide retouching and photography assistants. Don’t hesitate to ask venue managers for a more detailed list of the equipment they provide, as well as any additional fees or services. 
  • Match a photo shoot location to the concept - We recommend starting your search once your concept is developed as it needs to match the lighting conditions. Decide which type of lighting will be the most effective for your concept (natural light or artificial lighting) and look for locations that have the best one. Also, make sure the location is accessible for other photo shoot participants. For example, is it close to public transportation or motorways? Remember that your participants have their own schedules, so don’t make them waste their time to reach a certain place.   

Overall, taking photographs in a studio gives you better control over essential elements and ensures that your creativity can have free rein. So whether you’re a professional photographer, keen amateur or commissioning a photographic shoot, remember that your photoshoot location is a key element in taking a great photograph, rather than a mediocre image.

Popular photo shoot locations

Still, searching for any ideas where you could snap fantastic pictures? Below we’ve listed some of the popular photoshoots locations you can find on Tagvenue:

  • Photography studios - a professional area where you can develop and polish your photography skills. They are used for many purposes, such as commercial photography, food photography, as well as event photography. They usually offer additional equipment as well. On Tagvenue you can find many studios that offer either daylight lighting or artificial lighting. 
  • Blank canvas spaces - these make fantastic photoshoot locations as you can bring your unique concept to life from scratch! However, remember that you will be in charge of organizing any essential equipment, props and extras. Nevertheless, these are a fantastic option if you want to be in full control of matching the visuals to your concept.  
  • Industrial photoshoot locations - old buildings, industrial warehouse spaces and vintage spaces. They’re all perfect and unique locations that can bring a certain unmistakable element to the aesthetics of any photo shoot. 
  • Iconic venues - it goes without saying that London’s famous buildings, museums, stately homes and landmarks are also some of the best photography sites that you can use to your advantage! So get your head spinning with the diverse collection of them on Tagvenue!
  • One-of-a-kind spaces - unique or quirky venues, such as railway arches and ancient chapels, make great photo spots as they push your creativity to the limits! Also, they will ensure that your pictures are unique and original. 

Those and many more types of locations perfect for photo shoots are available right away on Tagvenue! So put our search engines in motion and have a look at the best top spots across London. You’ll be snapping pictures in one of our top shooting locations in no time. 

Photo Shoot Locations in London FAQ

How much does it cost to hire a photo shoot location in London?

You can hire a photo shoot location from £35 to £500 per hour. Keep in mind that some places offer package offers for hiring the venue for longer (2+ hours). Other venues charge per session/day and the hire fee generally varies from £300 to £1000+. Also, bear in mind that you will need to budget for any additional equipment not included in the hire fee or presence of assistants. Ask venue managers about every charge before signing the contract, to ensure that you are clear on what you will be paying for. (All data from Tagvenue.)

Can you recommend some great photo shoot locations in London?

On our platform you will find many outstanding locations across London, but here are some of our favourite ones:

The Bedouin Tent - an unusual space right in Central London that can enhance pictures with quirky surroundings and interior. It also has an astounding garden courtyard you can use according to your imagination.

The Buckle Factory - a big space with raw surroundings and a fantastic industrial style that is perfect for fashion photoshoots and editorials. It also has a green room, changing and kitchen area. 

The Little Yellow Door - this eclectic location offers vibrant pastel colours and an exciting layout that is sure to bring any concept to life!  

Lost Society - Art deco interior and gorgeous furniture make this location perfect for experimental photo shoot concepts. 

First Option Location Studio - this enormous space with its raw industrial feel is an ideal pick for organising bigger photo shoots.

Are there any outdoor photo shoot locations in London?

Of course! London is a gem with numerous outdoor spaces that are perfect for photo shoots! There are many beautiful parks and fields you can easily reach via public transport, such as Kensington Gardens, Regents Park, Primrose Hill, the ever-popular Hyde Park and many more! Also, many locations on our website have adjacent lovely gardens you can use for your shoot as well.

Where can I find portrait photography locations in London?

The location will depend on the type of lighting you would like to use for your pictures. To make beautiful portraits of your model that will enhance their beauty in the natural light you can hire a daylight photo studio. You can find many great ones in Kensal Town, Wallworth or Dalston.  To make great use of artificial lighting in your portrait photography, make sure to check the areas of Whitechapel, Stratford, Walworth as well as Dalston

Guests Reviews of Photo Shoot Locations on Tagvenue

Helen Ferguson
Booked Lounge Space at The Att Pynta Lounge
Everything was as described in the advertising. I had been looking for a venue for a personal brand photo shoot, the style and ambience of the lounge was perfect. We were welcomed warmly by Kai and nothing was too much trouble, especially as we arrived late due to train delays. Everything about the experience and the space was relaxing and resonated with the concept we were looking for. Thank you Kai and Poppy for a great experience
Claire Anne Brown
Booked Womb Room at Uterus-Six
Really enjoyed the space, we did a photo shoot and the options for backgrounds and a activities were numerous. The surrounding area was great for some outside photos as well for that East London vibe! Paul met us on the day and was really good at setting guidelines and managing expectations and giving ideas for for different rooms. Definitely slotted into memory for future.
Joy Lorck-Schierning
Booked The Polar Bear Room at The King's Head Members Club
An incredibly professional management team runs the show at the King's Head Members Club in London. We couldn't have imagined a place more unique and authentic to shoot the launch of our fashion brands champaign! They were accommodating and helped us change the dates of our shoot! Thank you so much! We look forward to being in touch again soon!
Sarun Gunarajah
Booked CREATIVE HOUSE at Creative House
Ema was great! She was really friendly and welcoming which made me and my crew comfortable. She gave us the freedom and space without any hassle. Highly recommend this listing, great space for pretty much anything. The place was actually better in person than in the pictures. There was literally no negatives. Will definitely think about hiring this place again in the future. 10/10
Eva Sanglante
Booked Fully Equipped Photo Studio at Springfield House Lofts
The space was great value and well-equipped for our needs (fairly simple portrait shots with a few props). A great range of colour backdrops. Roberto's assistant was there to let us in, show us what's what and was then on-hand in the other room to help out if we needed it. He was very friendly and helpful and then gave us our space to get on when we needed to.
Keon West
Booked Photography Studio Hire London at Indra Studios
Indra Studios works really well for me. Very good equipment including several constant lights, multiple (powerful) external flashes easily compatible with any of my cameras, tripods, and a number of backdrops that can also be used as infinity-style flooring for a bit of an extra cost. The big plus, though, is really the people. Friendly, approachable, easy to contact, punctual, profession and easy-going. I never once felt stressed or rushed, or like I didn't have adequate tech support. Really great photos. Would definitely use again.

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