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Lights, camera, action! Are you on the lookout for perfect filming locations for hire? But you’re worried that finding the perfect one in London will be overly complicated? Well, it doesn’t have to be if you’re using Tagvenue! We’ve collected a list of London’s best filming studios and other camera-ready spaces for you to choose from. And the best part? Our smart search engine makes the process of searching for a filming location easy and efficient. Try it yourself and see how to find your ideal filming location in a snap.

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Filming Locations Hire Guide

If you’re trying to shoot a memorable short film, commercial or wedding movie, you’re going to need a special location. London makes a great setting for any type of movie, combining classic and modern architecture. We’ll do our best to help you browse through the best filming locations and find one tailored to your needs.

When searching for filming locations, you can speed the process up if you start by making a very thorough and specific shooting script. Envision what you want to achieve to the best of your ability. Tally up the amount of actors, crew, and filming gear you will need to transport and set up in the venue. Once you’ve done that, you will have to make an important decision: do you want to build and furnish a set, or try to find a furnished venue that matches your needs? Both options offer significant benefits and drawbacks. If you create a set from scratch in a large warehouse, space constraints won’t be an issue. Your filming crew will be able to set up comfortably, and avoid getting into the shot. Not to mention the creative freedom of being able to arrange the space exactly how you want it. However, if you go for an already furnished venue, you will be guaranteed the type of organic feel that's so tricky to achieve with a set, for a much cheaper price. Plus, you won’t have to worry about bringing in as much props and furniture, too.

One way or another, Tagvenue will help you find the best space for your movie or commercial. Here’s a breakdown of the main types of venues you will find while searching for filming locations in London:

  • Studios with backdrops - Whether you’re an indie director looking for a clean, minimalist studio, or you’re after a green screen to spruce up your new project, photo and video studios are a very common type of venue for hire in the area.
  • Bars, restaurants, pubs - Why not bring some realism into your film or movie by using a real life location? London is full of small venues with all sorts of themes - from modern cafes to old school British pubs.
  • Creative spaces - For filming, these spaces can serve as sets, backgrounds, or rehearsal rooms, and each of them are set up a little differently. They also vary in size - all the way from tiny studios to huge halls for grand productions. Find the one perfect for you today!
  • Outdoor and rooftop locations - If you’re inspired by the beautiful London skyline, you can find some rooftop bars, patios, and outdoor locations to add some natural lighting into your production. Just make sure not to get caught by the British weather!

How to secure great filming locations on a budget

Are you an up and coming movie director looking for an ambitious space that won’t break the bank? Maybe you’re just a beginner trying to film a simple commercial or music video? Either way, we got you covered! Here’s our list of tips to make your search for cheap London filming locations easier:

  • Think outside the box. A space you wouldn’t initially think of can sometimes turn out to be the perfect location for your film project. Even a blank canvas space can be spruced up into a beautiful, lively interior with some furniture, props and decor. Some venue managers have additional furniture available, so don’t be afraid to ask.
  • Search further afield. Considering that filming spaces in London are usually more expensive around the city centre, be aware of the options in the outskirts of Greater London. This is especially useful for when you're looking for larger spaces, as it's more likely to find spacious warehouses away from the cramped city centre. Who knows, maybe you’ll find a space so perfect it will be worth the longer drive?
  • Look for lighting. Everyone who ever worked a camera knows that everything looks better if it’s lit properly either with studio lights, or natural lighting. Visit a short list of your favourite locations to see if they have the proper amount of sunlight coming through in order to save on equipment hire.
  • Film at off-peak hours. Everyone keeps talking about how the time around an hour before sunset is the “magic hour” for filming, but the same thing happens right after sunrise, too! Use the early hours to your advantage in order to get that perfect lighting, with less distractions and a cheaper hire.
  • Use your time efficiently. The better you plan for your scenes, the less time you will have to spend in the venue reducing your overall costs. Schedule a meeting with your venue manager so that you can take a look at the location and figure out the logistics early. Make sure the actors rehearse properly before filming to minimize retakes. On the big day, hand everyone a copy of the shooting schedule and double-check if everyone is in sync with your vision.

Filming Locations in London FAQ

What’s the minimum spend for hiring a filming location in London?

The potential cost of your venue will strongly depend on the type of location you’re looking for. For short term hire, prices range all the way from £15 to £750 and beyond. For longer, per-day hires, expect between £100 for small studios and £7000 for huge venues and spaces. (All data from Tagvenue.)

What should I look for in a good filming location?

First of all, make sure to plan for the amount of people and equipment you’re going to bring with you. Especially when you’re working in an organic setting, such as a real cafe or bar, you need to plan where you will set up your cameras, microphones, and other equipment so that none of it will be visible in the final footage. Then, it’s just about matching the location’s theme with the creative direction of your project. Whether you’re after a unique venue, or a blank creative space, we’ll help you find the best ones!

What are good filming locations in North London?

North London is famous for its trendy artistic neighbourhoods, with lots of stunning locations ready to become your next film set. Here are some of our favourite picks for this area:

Back Lounge at Little Bat Bar & Kitchen - Located just off Upper Street, this bar offers a semi-private lounge with classy decor.

Whole Venue at Simmons | Angel - A pub featuring a stunning brick wall with a neon light feature that is perfect for nightlife movie scenes. You can find it right in the heart of Islington.

Main Room at The Buckle Factory - This industrial setting will work for many different genres, and it includes a separate changing room with the hire. The venue is located in South Tottenham, close to Seven Sisters Station.

Main Hall at Wac Arts - this Belsize Park venue offers a large amount of space in a rustic college building. It’s fit for all sorts of filming endeavours.

Where to look for filming locations in East London?

East London features lots of greenery and some stunning venues for filming. Start your hunt around Olympic Park in Stratford, where you’ll be able to find some fresh creative spaces and exquisite bars and restaurants. Hackney Wick specifically offers a range of locations from blank canvas venues to a riverside barge. If you ever find yourself near Star Lane Park, make sure to take a look at some of the recording studios found nearby, too.

Guests Reviews of Filming Locations on Tagvenue

Cloe Hastings
Booked Main area at Lucerne Studio
Amazing service in terms of meeting me outside the venue on time to open up! Very friendly and so easy going. Would highly recommend for any projects whether it’s filming, taking photos etc. Fantastic lighting and has a “edge” look to it. We was able to use all the kitchen, bathroom and move around the furniture, which is just what I needed on a full day off filming. The owners were lovely and I couldn’t be more happier of how my day went because of the venue and everything going to plan. Would happily book the venue again.
Michael Bailey
Booked The Downstairs Cocktail Bar at Lockes Bar
Great looking venue and we had an amazing host with Rasa who was there to help whenever we needed. Would recommend highly to anyone who needs a filming location.
Steve Hook
Booked Photo/Film Studio at Mavro Worldwide Studios
Excellent facilities, including toilets (Male / Female / Disabled) and dressing room area next to the stage. Multiple colours of backdrop, and flexible lighting setup. The studio managers are on-hand to help adjust everything for you, and were accommodating of our schedule. Plus, very easy to get to and a short drive from other great film locations. Even has a recording studio next door!
Steve Hook
Booked Pub at The Cavendish Arms
Inherently great facilities (Toilets, drinks, seating for crew) with a relaxed and friendly manager, and location close to some great studios. Most importantly, very unique and coherent visual aesthetic. Great colour scheme, regal furniture, and foliage. If you need the look shown in their photos, this is your choice!
Zak Berwise
Booked Whole Venue at Thelightfull Studio
ThelightFull Studio is a truly creative space. The Studio looks new and is clean, well maintained and heated. We were welcomed warmly and professionally and felt at home straight away. Every corner of Thelightfull Studio offers alternative creative possibilities with the varying backdrops and the included equipment. Parking is available and (Agata) the venue manager offered good support but was not intrusive rather enabling. This was a great experience and we certainly aim to use Thelightfull Studio again very soon.
Katie King
Booked Georgian Townhouse at Anomalous Space
Beautiful space, great price and really lovely owner - perfect for our filming, the studio was great for our more “arty” shots and the main area was perfect for our interviews. Also there is parking which is super useful.

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