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Our guide to Manchester venue hire

If you’re looking to book a venue in Manchester, you’ve come to the right place! Manchester is full of warm and cosy event venues for every occasion. You will find venue options for everything – from affordable wedding venues in a Victorian style hotel to corporate event venues at an indoor golf club, Manchester has it all! The best thing about Manchester’s event venues is that while they’re all very different, they express Manchester’s best qualities that can be described in three words: United Friendly Atmosphere. Manchester is the city where the ancient and modern sights are united as one. Take a look at a venue for hire in Manchester, here on Tagvenue, and you’ll see for yourself!

Need to hire a space for your event in Manchester, but you’re not sure where to start?

Before you reserve a venue in Manchester, you’ll want to know it will meet all of needs and wishes. It is important to keep the following tips in mind when looking for a venue to host your event in Manchester:

  • Set a budget – You’re scrolling down the page of event venues in Manchester, and there it is, the perfect venue to hire in Manchester. But wait, it’s even more expensive than the car you bought for your daughter’s birthday... Situations like these can easily be avoided by deciding on a budget before you look at anything else. Tagvenue’s search tool makes this easy by allowing you to search by budget amount.
  • Decide how many people will attend – Make sure you have an estimate of the number of people who will be in attendance. You will want to find a venue that best accommodates the number of guests who plan to attend. You’ll need a much smaller venue for a birthday party than one for a big conference. With Tagvenue’s search tool you can narrow your search down to budget and occupancy, finding you the perfect fit.
  • Venue layout – The type of event will determine if all your guests are standing or sitting down. This will, in turn, determine how many people actually fit in the room. Every venue in Manchester listed on Tagvenue has an option to show the capacity of the room in different setups.
  • Check your features – Another thing you must do before you pick your venue is making sure the venue can provide the items you need. If you need a projector for a presentation or a TV for entertainment, you can search for it with our search filter. Everything from catering options to licenses can be found in our search filter. Tip: Make sure your type of event is allowed at the venue of your choosing.
  • Set a date – When you’ve finally chosen a venue in Manchester you will have to pick a date that works best for you and your guests. Note that weekends and late hours are often more expensive than weekdays and during the daytime. Tip: Pick multiple dates, so you have more venue options, some places are fully booked for long periods.
  • Visit the venue before making a decision – Before you decide to pick a venue based off of a few pictures, you’ll want to visit the place to feel the atmosphere of the place. Some things can’t be seen or felt without visiting the place, so make sure to make an appointment with the venue manager.

Wondering how much does it cost to hire an event space in Manchester?

As you may be aware, multiple pricing models are possible when you choose a venue in Manchester. Here is a summary of all available pricing models for Manchester’s event venues including their price differences:

  • Minimum spend – Some event venues in Manchester offer the option only to pay what is spent at the bar, so the venue itself is actually free. This means that you and your guests have to spend a minimum amount of money at the bar to avoid paying an extra price. This minimum spend pricing model in Manchester varies from £50 per day (for 20 people) to £33,000 per session (for 300 people).
  • Hire fee – If the venue is priced by venue hire fee, it means you pay a set price per hour, evening, or day. In Manchester, these prices vary from £5 per hour (for 5 people) to £18,000 per day (for 1,875 people).
  • Package per person – The advantage of the packages per person option is that you pay a fixed price per person and literally don’t have to worry about anything else since the per person pricing model is usually all-inclusive. In the packages option, everything is already included in the price - venue hire fee, food, drinks and even entertainment. The price of packages per person for events held in Manchester range from £20 per evening to £54 per day.
  • Special events – Some venues offer a unique pricing model for special occasions. There are even options to combine a hire fee and minimum spend price model with some venues in Manchester. For events like a Christmas party, wedding, meeting, conference, or baby shower, Manchester venues offer special packages per person adjusted to the type of event. These special events often also include a minimum spend price option. These prices range from £10 per person to £25 per person and hire fees start at £500.

Want to dig even deeper? Have a look at these frequently asked questions:

What are the most popular event venues in Manchester?

For informal gatherings in Manchester that involves a party, food and drinks, people usually choose trending spaces like The Haig Club or The Grey Goose Lounge. For more formal meetings in Manchester, the Trafford Suite and Victorian Galleries make more suitable choices.

What does the transport in Manchester city look like?

The public transportation in Manchester consists of buses, trains, and trams that all work phenomenally. Plan your journey on Transport for Greater Manchester and you’ll be sure of your early arrival and stress-free travels. Also, if there’s not a station close to your venue, you can always hop in a taxi from the nearest station so you won’t have to walk too far.

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