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Top Photo Shoot Locations in Manchester

This northwest city is filled with character and energy, definite characteristics that make it a prime choice for photographers. Whether you seek natural locations or those that emphasize Manchester’s diverse architecture, you will be sure to capture something extraordinary with your camera. Hit the Northern Quarter streets for eclectic and quirky street photography or try out the winding lanes of the Royal Botanical Gardens for a green and lovely backdrop.

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Photo Shoot Locations Hire Guide

Hit the Manchester streets for an energetic photo shoot that will guarantee some amazing shots. Whether you are looking for characterful cafes, historic streets or sleek urban flats for photoshoot hire, you are in for a great session.

Photo Shoot Locations in Manchester FAQ

How do I hire a photo shoot location in Manchester?

City permits will be needed in public areas such as city streets, parks or green spaces, council managed properties and public buildings. They will also be needed if your photoshoot will disrupt parking or take place on private property. Small groups of 5 or less are also required to receive official permission. 

How much does it cost to hire a location for a photo shoot in Manchester?

When hiring a photoshoot location, you will need to factor in your permit application cost. This process will cost anywhere from £30 to £300 and include insurance fees and other extra costs. For hire fees for event location, expect costs to differ depending on the location. You may find that you will be charged a straight hire fee for areas that are not traditionally hired for photoshoots. Generally, you can expect costs for private photoshoot locations to start around £100 per hour.

Which districts in Manchester are the most photogenic?

When searching for photogenic locations in the city, start your hunt in the Northern Quarter. This quirky area has a lively vibe and many picturesque street locations - pay close attention to the eclectic architecture and get your camera ready. Castlefield is another exciting location for a location shoot, the oldest area of the city. It offers a range of looks and feels for your shot. Remember to check out the Bridgewater Canal here, as well as the impressive Roman fort. Salford Quays, with its panoramic views of the city, is another local favourite. Heaton Park and the Royal Botanical Gardens are just two of the city’s lovely parks and a particular favourite for photos. For local buildings that are popular for photographers, check out the University of Manchester, the Town Hall, and the library for some striking historical photography.

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