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25 Awesome Employee Gift Experiences Your Team Will Actually Love in 2022

Published on 10th May 2022
Virtual events25 Awesome Employee Gift Experiences Your Team Will Actually Love in 2022

Looking for a unique farewell gift for an employee who, or maybe you just need a few good employee appreciation day gift ideas. Whether you’re planning a farewell or celebrating Christmas at the office, we’ve made a list of the 25 best gift experiences just for your team. Gift-giving has become part of our everyday life, and it’s one of the most appreciated ways to show gratitude to someone. Experiential gifts, according to Forbes, are one of the most enjoyable gifts that organisations can offer their employees. Virtual activities such as a cooking class or mindfulness sessions are ways to show that businesses care as much about their employees’ well-being as their performance.

Gifts can be part of office birthday celebrations, virtual holiday parties, farewell parties, and online ‘fikas’ aka coffee breaks! If you want to know why employee gifts are so important for your business and what you can give to your employees, then read on!

Why are employee gifts important?

You might be thinking that it’s a lot of work to get gifts for every employee if your company has more than 500 or even 1000 employees! While it does require planning and it’s a bit of work when it comes to getting everyone on board, employee gifts are important – we might even assert that they are critical! 

Since many companies are planning to implement a hybrid work model and companies like Airbnb have adopted a fully remote work model where employees can work from anywhere in the world, it’s essential for companies to invest in gifts such as virtual experiences to bridge communication gaps between employees. It may also foster the start or end of a good relationship with a new or former employee. 

Celebrating employees makes them feel supported and valued, whether it’s for a work anniversary or a farewell. It’s a way of saying ‘thank you’ in a meaningful way that contributes to a convivial workplace culture. So, if you care about your company’s image, make sure to take employee gifting seriously!

We’ve broken down our exhaustive list of employee presents into categories for your ease! From mindfulness sessions to seasonal wine tasting, we’ve compiled a list of great gift ideas that will foster stronger bonds within your team and allow employees to indulge in something that will be useful and entertaining to them.

Unique gifts to boost team building 

Experiential gifts such as cooking classes or online yoga sessions are perfect for remote and hybrid teams, alike. Everyone can take part without having to get to a specific location and can have fun learning something new while chatting with colleagues. Online cooking classes, mixology classes, and mindfulness workshops are some of our favourites when it comes to fun employee gifts that are not only engaging but also good at fueling camaraderie among colleagues! Plus, they are a valuable ‘break’ from the daily nine to five grind!

Online Cooking Classes

Everybody loves to eat, so why not give a virtual cooking class to your team members? Online cooking classes are a perfect way to bond and enjoy some great food (and drinks) together. After all, who doesn’t love the idea of learning how to make a few favourite dishes from the comfort of their own home?  Moreover, creating something together and even failing at it together can surely bring a group of people together!

 A cooking class is an awesome present because it also means something different and meaningful to everyone: those who don’t cook regularly might learn how to prepare a meal for themselves (and their families), while more experienced amateur chefs can pick up some new skills or just enjoy being able to show off what they already know.

With so many different options available these days, why not choose from the following?

1. Spanish Cooking Class

Been dreaming of cooking alongside famous chef Jamie Oliver for a while? Well, now is your time to finally get a glimpse of how things are done at the Jamie Oliver Cookery School.  The experience is delivered via Zoom and you can even pick your favourite dish from an array of delicious Spanish dishes such as chicken and prawn paella or the famous patata bravas. You’ll get to choose from three different packages and a chef will walk your group through the steps and answer all your questions during the process.

Why will everyone love this gift?

Everyone gets to learn something useful and have a dish ready to eat by the end of the session. It’s a fun learning experience with a chef who will make the atmosphere extra pleasant and get everyone talking and laughing. Plus, you can make your employees feel extra special by getting everyone a Jamie Oliver Cookery School or by adding a £20 shopping voucher for all participants. Also, check out other options from the school, such as the Italian Cooking Class and Thai Cooking class,  while you’re at it.

  • Requirements: Zoom and a reliable Internet connection, kitchen utensils, and the ingredients from the shopping list.
  • Price: £29/$41 to £75/$106 per person
  • Language: English
  • Group size: 10-1000
  • Duration:120 mins

2. Polish Dumpling Cooking Class

Why will everyone love this gift?

After you learn how to make these amazing little stuffed pockets of deliciousness, you’ll be able to download a digital version of the class along with all of the recipes so you can make them whenever you want. Suitable for all dietary needs, this cooking class remains a favourite among virtual employees! While the class focuses on pierogies, you’ll get to discover the variations of dumplings across the world, thanks to your colleagues who will share some stories about their traditional cuisine along the way.

  • Requirements:Basic cooking equipment, ingredients, PC/laptop/tablet, stable internet connection, Zoom/MS Teams/Google Meet 
  • Price: £12.5/$17 per person
  • Language: English/French/Spanish/Polish (upon request)
  • Group Size: 6-200 persons
  • Duration: 120min

3. Tiramisu Masterclass

Got a sweet tooth? So do we! Employee gifting can be highly customised if you know a little bit more about the employee. For instance, if a colleague who loves baking is departing, a Tiramisu Masterclass might be the dream gift for them. Or maybe you’re looking for the perfect gift for the holiday season? This masterclass is an engaging and entertaining experience that will leave your colleagues hungry for more! (Warning, it might be addictive!)

Why will everyone love this gift? 

Cooking always brings people together. Employees will get to share their knowledge, cooking experiences, and tips with each other, thus allowing them to get to know each other better. This online cooking class is not a lesson where the chef speaks and you simply listen. Don’t worry if some participants have two left hands, the experience is ideal for anyone who wants to relax and banter over a plate of sweets! 

  • Requirements: Ingredients, Basic kitchen utensils, PC/laptop/tablet, reliable internet connection
  • Price:£19/$25 to £25/$35 per person 
  • Language: English
  • Group Size: 5-100
  • Duration: 60 min

Online Mixology Classes

Are you ready to give a next-generation employee gift? That’s right, how about an online mixology class? If you’re like most people and don’t have a crystal ball, you probably don’t know what’s going to be cool in the future. But we do! It’s all about team bonding and crafting your own drinks. And who knows, maybe you’ll even awaken your inner mixologist! Online classes feature hands-on learning that is flexible and fun for everyone, whether you’re someone who’s never even made a drink before, or a master mixologist who wants to polish your skills or learn about new trends in cocktail crafting. 

Here are three of our top picks:

4. Bespoke Cocktail Masterclass

Treat your employees to an epic cocktail masterclass and party! Everyone loves cocktails and it’s a great way to foster camaraderie in the workplace while everyone relaxes and has a good time. The Bespoke Cocktail Masterclass is perfect for anyone who wants to hone their cocktail-making skills!

Why will everyone love this gift?

 During this virtual class, participants can craft up to 3 different cocktails from the comfort of their own homes. In just a few minutes, you’ll learn how to create a delicious cocktail and dive into a bit of history and theory with the mixologist, all while dancing to the beats of the DJ.

  • Requirements: PC/laptop/tablet, reliable internet connection, simple kitchen tools, list of all participants’ addresses (for shipping purposes)
  • Price: $55 per person 
  • Language: English
  • Group Size:10-500
  • Duration: 30-90 min

5. Cocktails Around the World

It’s 2022. Remote employees are sitting in their desk chairs minding their own business or thinking about happy hour when they hear a knock on the door. It’s the delivery guy with a hamper box and a note that says ‘’It’s Employee Appreciation Day’’. They look in the bag and find bottles, bar tools, and a cocktail shaker with a note that reads “For the next team-building activity, I thought we could all learn how to make 4 different cocktails! Let’s all meet on Zoom and we’ll go through it together at 4.” Imagine how excited your employees will be!

Why will everyone love this gift?

 Nothing beats a spontaneous event for showing your appreciation to your employees, particularly during periods when they’ve been hustling like crazy. This class is great for both drinkers and non-drinkers as mocktails are also on the menu! Get your team ready to travel around Singapore, Ibiza, and Puerto Rico while sipping on your yummy drinks!

  • Requirements: Reliable internet connection, glassware, Zoom, list of all participants’ addresses (for shipping purposes)
  • Price: from £45 per person 
  • Language: English
  • Group Size:10-49
  • Duration: 80min

6. Seasonal Wine Tasting

While not a cocktail crafting class per se, we couldn’t resist adding this employee favourite to the list. Ideal for both wine tasting beginners and vino enthusiasts, this tasting class teaches you how to savour and taste wine. You’ll learn many interesting facts about wine along the way and get to taste some exquisite vintages from Inflorescence Wines. And guess what? The event will be hosted by the founder of Inflorescence Wines herself – Jacinta Maddison!

Why will everyone love this gift?

Seasonal wine tasting is perfect for an online office party and is an easy way to bring some joy and fun to your remote employees! We suggest asking a colleague or a manager to offer a toast to an employee if you’re celebrating a virtual farewell or a birthday. You could even share a few good stories or your favourite memories about the person during the online event to make things better!

  • Requirements: Reliable internet connection, glassware, Zoom, list of all participants’ addresses (for shipping purposes)
  • Price: from £55 per person
  • Language: English
  • Group Size:6-100
  • Duration: 90min

Wellbeing sessions

Let’s forget about the booze and step into something more relaxing! So your employees had a tough time this quarter and you’re running out of ideas for creating a healthier workplace? Mindfulness sessions might be the answer to your worries! These sessions help your employees unwind and relax after a tough period. If you’re looking for something to help your staff to remain healthy when working from home, here are some great ideas:

7. Mindfulness Meditation Session 

The need for workplace mindfulness is imperative and helps employees to develop a better work-life balance. Meditation sessions are renowned for their many benefits. They not only improve employee satisfaction and performance but also help employees have a better understanding of their own well-being. This class doesn’t require any prior experience as the professional meditation teacher will guide you through the 30-minute seance.

Why will everyone love this gift? 

Meditation enhances creativity and improves concentration. Companies that invest in such activities are known to have higher performance. It’s a 30-minute class that can fit everyone’s busy schedules. It only requires a quiet space for everyone to indulge in a Me Moment which is great for employees as they rarely have the opportunity to relax during the workday. Plus, the price is super affordable and you can even make it a regular thing!

  • Requirements: Reliable internet connection, Zoom, quiet space, PC/laptop
  • Price: £2.50/$3 per person
  • Language: English
  • Group Size:5-250
  • Duration: 30 min

8. Breathing Workshop

According to Healthline, breathwork not only improves one’s emotional state but also decreases an individual’s overall stress level. Breathwork is more than just a session of mindfulness it also improves self-esteem. By improving the well-being of remote or hybrid employees, you also invest in the company’s image and positive reputation. 

Why will everyone love this gift?

Whether you’re celebrating Mental Health Awareness Month at work or simply rewarding your employees for their dedication, a breathing session with a professional breathing teacher will encourage employees to make their remote workplace a healthier one.

  • Requirements: Reliable internet connection, Zoom
  • Price: Bespoke
  • Language: English
  • Group Size:5-500
  • Duration: 15-60 min

9. Bespoke Online Yoga Class

Got a yoga fanatic leaving the company soon? Why not treat them and everyone else to an online yoga class. Yoga classes help enhance creativity and improve focus. Both employees and employers can benefit from yoga sessions as it reduces stress levels and employees tend to be more productive after these sessions.

Why will everyone love this gift? 

 Any form of moderate physical activity such as stretches or yoga lowers the fatigue that is bound to occur when employees are working remotely for eight hours a day. Yoga classes are perfect to show how much your employees’ well-being matters to you. Yoga also improves body posture and relieves muscle tension, which is a must after working from the desk all day. 

  • Requirements: Reliable internet connection, PC/Laptop, Zoom,yoga mat/beach towel
  • Price: Bespoke
  • Language: English
  • Group Size:1-500
  • Duration: 30-60 min

Entertaining gifts for employees working from home

If your team is not like any other and requires an adrenaline rush to feel better, we’ve got you covered. Online murder mysteries and escape rooms are ideal for a few hair-raising moments. However, it’s a lot less spooky and much more chill when you’re at home, having a cup of coffee while playing! Check out our top online murder mysteries and escape rooms that will make your team’s motivation level skyrocket!

Online Murder Mysteries 

This year, instead of sending out gift cards or personalised coffee mugs, try a virtual office party that will thrill your team and maybe give them goosebumps! With an online murder mystery game, you can bring the whole team together for a fun and engaging event that will allow everyone to participate, have fun, and do some critical thinking at the same time.

Here are our top 3 picks for an epic virtual experience:

10. Murder of Tobias Langston

It’s time to get Sherlock-ed for this murder mystery game. Your team must solve the murder of Tobias Langston, the recently married heir to the Langston fortune. His new wife Delilah is distraught after finding Tobias dead one morning, but is she telling the truth? With just a few clues, it’s up to you and your team to figure out who did it—and why.

Why will everyone love this gift? 

Your team will get to play investigator and interrogate six live actors in character as the suspects. The goal is to collect as much information about the case as possible—all while pursuing the truth like a detective with a hot lead! This online murder mystery game is perfect for corporate events as up to 600 persons can play the game! 

  • Requirements: Reliable internet connection, PC/Laptop, Zoom, access to Google Forms
  • Price: £46/$60 per person
  • Language: English
  • Group Size:30-600
  • Duration: 90 min

11. Hansel & Gretel

Who doesn’t love a good old fairy tale with a dark twist? Well, if you’ve got a creative bunch at work, they’ll certainly love solving this inconceivable murder mystery in the fairytale world. Full of details and riddles, the game requires teams to work together to solve the case before they are caught and sent to jail..or worse! 

Why will everyone love this gift?

Employees will get the chance to play detectives whilst being part of one of the most popular fairy tales of all time. The game was designed with virtual team building in mind, so if you’re planning a remote Halloween party for a smaller team of about 32 people or less, this one’s for you!

  • Requirements: Reliable internet connection, PC/Laptop, Zoom, headphones, pen and paper
  • Price: £16/$20 per person
  • Language: English
  • Group Size:4-32
  • Duration: 60 min

12. Mystery of the Superheroes

Treating your employees like the superheroes that they are might be just what you need for an ultimate virtual gift. Golden Guy, the leader of the Super Team has been found dead and only your brightest minds can unravel the mystery behind this heinous crime. Share clues and bits of information as you engage in the game. But be careful as the murderer is one of you!  

Why will everyone love this gift? 

Solving a mystery together promotes creative problem-solving which is similar to working towards the company’s common goals or solving an issue. By brainstorming different ways to solve the murder mystery, everyone gets to participate and share their insights. Plus, it’s a fun experience when you can even get everyone to dress up as superheroes for the occasion! Trust us; this bit of escapism is just what your employees need after all their hard work. 

  • Requirements: Reliable internet connection, PC/Laptop, Zoom, Webcam, headphones, List of participants’ email addresses for a survey
  • Price: £47/$60 per person
  • Language: English
  • Group Size:12
  • Duration: 120 min

Online Escape Rooms

Here’s a fun solution to employee gifting- an online escape room! With more companies moving towards remote work, traditional options like gift cards and company outings are less appealing. Online escape rooms have several advantages over their physical counterparts, everyone can take part from their home without having to travel anywhere and they’re flexible enough to fit into your employees’ busy schedules. Not to mention, they’re a fantastic way to engage employees who may not normally interact with each other during work hours!

13. Secret of Vincent Hahn 

Thwart a suspected art thief before he strikes again! Participants work as secret agents and collaborate with the police to exact justice. Investigate Vincent Hahn’s past life to find his next potential museum target! Your team will quickly get immersed in the story, thanks to the game’s high-quality production and engaging storyline. 

Why will everyone love this gift? 

Since the game requires teams to be broken into groups of 7-10 people, it is also an enjoyable way for newcomers to get to meet other team members. Since collaboration is required to solve the riddles and save the masterpiece at risk, everyone gets a chance to share their ideas. We recommend booking around 75 minutes for the entire experience, which will also enable your staff to have a conversation before and after the game.

  • Requirements: Reliable internet connection, PC/Laptop, Zoom, the latest version of Google Chrome
  • Price: £20/$25 per person
  • Language: English
  • Group Size:10-2000
  • Duration: 75 min

14. Desert Island

Desert Island is perfectly suitable for both beginners and more advanced players who just want some easy-going fun. This escape room is sure to be an unforgettable adventure for everyone at your company. What makes Desert Island so special? Well, for starters, it’s got four unique settings. You can choose from one of the 4 game themes: disco hall, island, forest, and winter wonderland (perfect for a virtual event all year round!). 

Why will everyone love this gift?

Players get to solve puzzles, unravel mysteries, and crack codes together to defeat the A. I. and finally escape the island where they’ve been held captive! The game is ideal as a team-building exercise or for an online office party at any time of the year. It’s light-hearted and excellent for all types of office celebrations since it is simple and straightforward.

  • Requirements: Reliable internet connection, PC/Laptop, Zoom, the latest version of Google Chrome
  • Price: £16/$22 per person
  • Language: English
  • Group Size:4-25
  • Duration: 20-60min

15. Monster Hunters Academy

Fans of Harry Potter and magic will surely love this winner of the award for the best live-hosted game of 2021. You are students at the Monster Hunters Academy and have been tasked with defeating a mythical creature who murdered Professor Corso. You’ve cast a protection spell for an hour. But the beast is after you! Will you and your mates be able to beat the clock and avenge the dear professor?

Why will everyone love this gift? 

 If your team is new to online murder mysteries, they will love this game.  Teams are broken into groups of 2-8 which makes it easy for everyone to interact. This game is great for icebreaker events or onboarding new employees as it promotes creative problem-solving and collaboration. 

  • Requirements: Reliable internet connection, PC/Laptop, Zoom, webcam, headphones, pen, and paper
  • Price: £16/$20 per person
  • Language: English
  • Group Size: 4-32
  • Duration: 60 min

Employee gifts for hybrid teams

The traditional party is outdated. While employees still enjoy gathering together, they want to spend their time in a different way. Virtual parties are becoming increasingly popular due to their convenience and flexibility. They can be held anywhere and at any time with a variety of activities,  allowing everyone to connect in real-time. For instance, virtual games are excellent for icebreakers and onboarding new employees- they not only make them feel welcomed but also facilitate their integration within the workplace.

Virtual games are a great way to give your employees a break while still helping them connect with the rest of their team. Gamification is also a powerful tool to create an atmosphere where employees have fun together while learning new skills.

 Here are three options that we’ve tested and loved:

16. The Game Show

The Game Show is the perfect game for employees who enjoy interactive games. Groups get to compete in five different exciting rounds such as Keyword, Puzzle Pyramid, and Phrase Craze. This game is excellent for onboarding employees in a unique way. Don’t forget to snap some fun screenshots!

Why will everyone love this gift? 

Skip the boring welcome speech and let the newcomers interact with the others to the fullest from day one. We suggest letting the quiet ones or new joiners lead their respective teams to get them talking. Team feuds are ideal for promoting critical thinking skills and collaboration among employees. 

  • Requirements: Reliable internet connection, PC/Laptop, Zoom, headphones, the latest
  • Price: £20/$25 per person
  • Language: English
  • Group Size: 10-100
  • Duration: 60 min

17. Team Quest

Trivia enthusiasts will love this one! Team Quest offers 6 to 7 mini-games that are perfect for company parties, team-building exercises, or onboarding new hires into your company. The games include Emoji Riddles, Music Games, Karaoke, Face Mashups or Guess the Celebrity. They are all very simple games, but they’re fun enough to keep everyone engaged while they’re playing them!

Why will everyone love this gift? 

Team Quest is a fun, engaging, and interactive event that will bring out the best in your employees. The games are designed to be challenging, but achievable so that even those who struggle with public speaking can shine and feel confident. 

  • Requirements: Reliable internet connection, PC/Laptop, Zoom, headphones, the latest version of Google Chrome
  • Price: £16/$22 per person
  • Language: English
  • Group Size: 6-400
  • Duration: 60 min

18. Theft of the Mona Lisa

Welcome to Paris! Your team needs a vacation, but let’s keep it real, vacations are pricey. Instead, why not treat them to a virtual vacation with a hint of mystery? The Theft of the Mona Lisa is a virtual game that requires the participants to solve a mission at The Louvre Museum. The Mona Lisa has been stolen! The portrait is fragile and risks being damaged forever if you don’t find it within 60-90 minutes. 

Why will everyone love this gift?

Players can enjoy the beautiful setting of The Louvre from the comfort of their homes and tackle tasks that require critical thinking as well as solving riddles together. All they have to do is hop on Zoom and grab a drink while enjoying this adventure in France.

  • Requirements: Reliable internet connection, PC/Laptop, Zoom, headphones, the latest version of Google Chrome
  • Price: £310/€360 per group of 8-12 players
  • Language: English
  • Group Size:6-5000
  • Duration: 60-90 min

Cool Christmas gifts for employees (Remote & Hybrid)

There’s more to holiday gifts than the usual gift hampers or happy hours, experiential gifts are great for online parties and make everyone feel connected. Besides, the holiday spirit can only be truly felt if your team indulges in some holiday activity. Your employees will love it! We’ve put together a list of some interesting virtual events for your remote team:

This is an excellent way to bring everyone together and celebrate the holidays in a new way. A virtual cookie decorating class is a thoughtful gift that gets people together and enjoy some time off during the holidays! It’s also a great way to get people working together as well as learn a few things about the traditions of gingerbread. 

Why will everyone love this gift?

At the end of the class, everyone is rewarded with their own unique batch of decorated cookies, so they’ll not only be super proud of themselves, but they’ll also fully immerse themselves in the holiday spirit by the end of the session! Don’t forget to ask everyone to wear their ugly Xmas sweaters!

  • Requirements: Reliable internet connection, PC/Laptop, kitchen supplies, Zoom
  • Price: £184/$252 (minimum spend)
  • Language: English
  • Group Size:1-99
  • Duration:90 min

20. Christmas Cracker Workshop (with recyclable materials)

Noel is the season of sharing. Indulge your employees in a craft workshop where they learn how to make their own Christmas crackers. With this online workshop, you have your staff work together from home on creating their own Christmas crackers without all the mess. Everyone creates six customised crackers for their co-workers or their families with the help of a host who will guide them through every step and share tips along the way. 

Why will everyone love this gift?

Christmas cracker workshops are perfect for nurturing the holiday spirit and bringing some magic to the home office! You could even offer prizes for the best designs! Employee recognition doesn’t have to be limited to serious activities, light-hearted activities like this workshop give your employees the opportunity to relax while enjoying something different.

  • Requirements: Reliable internet connection, PC/Laptop, scissors and rules, Lighter or matches, List of all participants with addresses for shipping purposes 
  • Price: £26/$38 – £50/$65 per person (excluding the workshop fee)
  • Language: English
  • Group Size:6-98
  • Duration:60 min

21. All I Want for Christmas

Is you! And a hamper box. Warm up the marshmallows, get a cup of Hot Chocolate and get ready for a virtual event full of holiday spirit! Whether you are dealing with remote or hybrid employees, All I Want for Christmas is the perfect pick for an office party. Participants will get to bond and converse over a series of Christmas-themed mini-games all while snacking on their festive gift hampers! The event can be tailored to your team’s requirements. 

Why will everyone love this gift? 

From Trivia to Karaoke, you have plenty on offer to make Christmas as memorable as possible! The game is fantastic as an end-of-year employee reward as it comes with a bunch of goodies (4 different packages) for everyone! 

  • Requirements: Reliable internet connection, PC/Laptop, the latest version of Google Chrome, list of participants and addresses, headphones
  • Price: £41/$57 per person- £101/$140 per person (excluding the workshop fee)
  • Language: English
  • Group Size:8-500
  • Duration:60 min

Budget employee appreciation gift ideas (Under $55)

If you’re running a startup, it may seem almost impossible to indulge in employee gift-giving, yet there are many affordable ways for you to reward your employees without breaking the bank. From DIY options to low-budget ones, here are some budget gift ideas just for you!

22. Employee of the Month 

Ribbon Employee Of The Month Poster 2 1

You’re probably thinking: ‘‘not again!’’. Yet it works. An Employee of the Month certificate costs nothing, all you have to do is create a template, fill it in and send it via email to your employees. To make it better, shout out to them during a team meeting so that their efforts inspire the rest of the team. Employees feel that they can achieve more if their hard work is recognized and it certainly boosts their confidence! (Plus, it costs nothing!) Feel free to download our template or personalise your own free template on Canva.

23. Self-hosted quiz

Quiz Time Aesthetic Pastel Pink Blue And Green Instagram Story 1 1

If you’re working remotely, there’s a high chance that employees will have a tough time getting to know each other. Quizzes are easy and rather quick to organise. Ask your colleagues to fill in a survey with a few questions about themselves and create a quiz based on the answers. Alternatively, you can create a quiz based on history, pop culture, food, and many more things to give everyone the chance to participate. One fail-proof activity for farewell parties is a quiz about your departing colleague. It can be trivia-focused and simply be based on random facts about the person. It’s a great means to encourage everyone to share their fondest memories of their colleague. You can use Google Forms for the survey and Quizlet or Kahoot for hosting your own quiz. 

24. Healthy Snacks (Under $30)

Fodabox provides many opportunities for employee gift customization. If you know your employees’ favourite nibbles, then we suggest getting them a pack of healthy snacks. Fodabox even has a special ultimate vegan snack box, so if you’re looking for something fun that requires no special occasion, these snack boxes are your go-to. They also make excellent get-well-soon gifts in case one of your employees is going through a rough patch. Too pricey? Keep this option for special occasions such as Women’s Day or birthdays where you won’t have to worry about getting everyone a gift.

25. Treat Hamper (Under $50)

Sweet Thanks Signature E04d1748 F4fb 4f3e Ab3f 34ef2cf95b3e 1

There’s nothing else that screams ‘I care about you!’ more than a hamper with sweet treats. Packed with Purpose has all the right hampers for the right occasions and we’ve found our favourite one- a recyclable signature box of sweet treats that demonstrates your appreciation for your employees. Perfect for employee birthdays and farewell parties, this hamper includes healthy bites and quirky snacks such as a caramel cheddar popcorn mix and sweet and salty chocolate-covered pretzel twists! This type of present is perfect if you have a smaller team, or if you simply want to fuel a healthy work relationship with your employees. 

DONT’s of employee gift-giving

  • Don’t offer tacky gifts. It’s simple. If you want your employees to feel good about being part of the company, keep the joke gifts for close friends and family. Be respectful when picking the gifts. Make sure to meet a certain standard, but not to go overboard with your spending.
  • Don’t give new employees of different cultural backgrounds gifts before you’ve done some research. In some parts of the world such as the Nordic countries, gift-giving is considered inappropriate and therefore it’s best to keep it to experiential gifts so that employees do not perceive the gesture in the wrong way. 
  • Don’t focus on your company. Forbes recommends putting the employee front and centre when picking a gift. Many companies tend to focus on the glorification of their company, instead of putting employee recognition in the limelight. 
  • Don’t throw farewell or birthday parties, if you don’t know the person well. While most employees love farewell parties, some employees either don’t like to party or simply don’t love the work culture enough to enjoy a farewell party. Plus, many employees dread farewell speeches. So, it’s important to discuss the possibility of a farewell party with the person involved.
  • Don’t offer employee gifts that can be detrimental to the environment as these practices will then be associated with your company. Sticking to virtual events such as cooking classes or an online escape room is both beneficial to the employee and the environment.


Employee gifts have come a long way since the era of personalised mugs and vouchers. The best employee gifts are those that show your staff you care about them. Whether it’s a farewell party or an onboarding event, employees want to know that they’re valued and are an important part of the company. A great way to do this is by giving out simple gifts like a DIY recognition certificate or something more interesting like an online cooking class or something completely out of the ordinary like an online murder mystery experience. We hope our list of gift ideas will help you keep your workforce happy and motivated!


When should I offer gifts to employees?

Employee gifts are presents that are given to employees as a means to show appreciation or simply thank them for their hard work. Employee gifts don’t have to be physical and can instead be experiential. Company milestones, work anniversaries, promotions, retirements, birthdays, and company annual days are some of the best occasions to offer employee gifts but, in fact, you can show your appreciation at any time of the year. 

Why should I give employee gifts to remote my remote team? 

Remote employees tend to be more isolated from their peers. However, this gap can be easily filled with virtual employee gifts as a means to reward them for being part of the team and to help them interact with the other employees.   Employee gifts show respect and promote mutual trust. Gifting remote and hybrid employees during the holiday season, Black History Month, on Women’s Day or on Employee Appreciation Day is now a common way to connect with remote employees and promote employee engagement.

How much should I spend on employee gifts?

It all depends on your budget. You can show staff appreciation by simply offering a personalised mug or by offering them an employee of the month certificate which costs nothing. If you’re planning a virtual event as a gift for your team, the price for well-being activities starts as low as £2.50/$3 per person. For something more exquisite budget around £300/$375 or more for the event.

How will I know if my employees liked the gift?

Short surveys are an easy way to find out whether your staff enjoyed the present or not. You can ask everyone to fill out a survey after receiving the gifts to find out what can be improved for the next time.  It’s hard to give anyone exactly what they want. By encouraging honesty and keeping the answers anonymous, it’s easier to find better gift options.

What are some of the best gift ideas for remote and hybrid workplaces?

Some of the best gifts are those that bring your team together and let them have some time off while having fun with their peers. Online cooking classes, mixology or tasting classes, cookie decorating classes, well-being sessions, online escape rooms, and other virtual team-building activities are perfect gifts for remote teams as they encourage inclusion and participation.

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