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The 20 Zoom Christmas Party Games & Ideas for 2022

Published on 29th September 2021
Virtual eventsThe 20 Zoom Christmas Party Games & Ideas for 2022

Christmas parties are a  workplace tradition all around the world. And although our ideas of how to organise them have changed over the last few years, it doesn’t mean they need to be any less fun! Zoom Christmas Parties offer an amazing opportunity for remote and hybrid teams to socialise and celebrate the holidays together whilst staying at a safe distance.

The holiday season is fast approaching and soon it will be time to start planning office Christmas parties. It’s still unclear to what degree we will be able to celebrate in person, which is why there are still so many virtual games and activities on the market. We know it can be daunting to find the perfect choice for your team, so we’ve prepared a list of the best ones to make your planning a bit easier. Have fun and enjoy experiencing these exciting Zoom Christmas party ideas with your team!

Hosted games and activities

Why not ensure that your activity is stress-free and book a Christmas activity that includes a host? A professional host can guide participants, entertain them and make sure that everyone enjoys themselves. We guarantee that you and your team will have a great and festive time filled with the holiday spirit!

1. Christmas Essential

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Celebrate the holidays with your team during a 1-hour event packed with all things festive! Jump on a Zoom call where your host will guide you and your team through a series of activities revolving around the holidays. So keep your wits sharp as you go head to head in holiday trivia and buzz-in challenges. Then see how well you know your colleagues during a hilarious fact-matching game! Show off your creative side in a game of Pictionary and end your session by making funny faces in a photo booth full of festive props and decorations. Meet your colleagues on Zoom (this time not for a work meeting) and have an amazing time!

To add even more fun to your perfect Virtual Christmas Party, you should have a look at our specially curated experience: classic team-building games, tasty snacks and even tastier drinks all in one.

  • Group Size: 6 to 400
  • Price: From £16/$22 per person
  • Session Length: 60 minutes
  • Equipment: You will need a reliable Internet connection, headphones, the latest version of Google Chrome, Zoom and a festive spirit.

2. Reindeer Games

Reindeer Games
Reindeer Games

Imagine this: Rudolph has retired, and Santa needs a new leader in his team. To save Christmas and make sure all of the presents are delivered in time, you and your colleagues must compete over the 6 races to select a successor to Rudolph. Every round, each player must choose among two actions to decide on their next move. Have fun training your reindeer and sabotaging the competition. Each successful race earns you presents (or a sack of coal from your nemesis if they’re the winner). The game ends when the reindeer which has gotten the most presents becomes the next Rudolph.

You don’t have to limit yourselves to just the game – why not include festive snacks and drinks in your Christmas party?

  • Group Size: 8 to 150
  • Price: From £18/$24 per person
  • Session Length: 40 minutes
  • Equipment: You will need a reliable Internet connection, headphones, the latest version of Google Chrome and Zoom.

3. Apres Ski

Alcoholic Festive Moscow Mules
Raspberry Mojito

Are you ready for the ultimate Christmas party experience? ‘Travel’ to the Alps and savour some amazing cocktails from the comfort of your home. Book the Apres Ski Alpine Lounge, and learn how to mix some of the most delicious cocktails and mocktails, as well as have a chance to dance and compete against your colleagues to win drinks vouchers! The masterclass is hosted from a mountain overlooking the Alpine Village where the energetic mixologists will work their cocktail magic and guide you through the experience.

  • Group Size: 5 to 120
  • Price: From £40/$55 per person
  • Session Length: 60 minutes
  • Equipment: You will need a reliable Internet connection, the latest version of Google Chrome, Zoom and a hamper delivered to your door before the event.

4. Gingerbread House Decorating Class

Gingerbread House Decorating Class

Get into the Christmas mood by decorating your own gingerbread house! This fun holiday tradition is a great way to bond with your team and let your creative juices flow. You don’t need any special skills to enjoy this activity – in fact, it’s easier than you think. You’ll find everything you need in the Gingerbread House DIY Kit delivered to your doorstep, and the jolly host will share their pro tips on how to make your creation Pinterest-worthy! You can follow the instructions or make the gingerbread house truly your own, then proudly display it on the white cake round included in the kit.

Available in the US and Canada.

  • Group Size: 6 – 200
  • Price: Prices start at $70 per person
  • Session Length: 60 minutes
  • Equipment: a PC, laptop or tablet with a camera, a reliable Internet connection, video call software (Zoom, MS Teams, Google Meet), a desk or table to work on

5. Gingerbread Wars

Gingerbread Wars
Gingerbread Wars

Are you ready to get competitive and create some amazing gingerbread cookies? Get ready to have some fun this holiday season with Gingerbread Wars. Before the event, every attendee will receive a holiday kit filled with everything you will need during the party. And when it’s time to start baking, get ready for some ‘gingerbread’ challenges, such as Holiday Trivia, the Snowman Hustle or Gingerbread Self Portraits. At the end, everyone receives the best prize – they get to eat their cookies!

  • Group Size: 6 to 200
  • Price: From £12.5/$17 per person
  • Session Length: 90 minutes
  • Equipment: You will need a reliable Internet connection, headphones, the latest version of Google Chrome, Zoom and the kit with all the necessary ingredients.

6. Virtual Chocolate Making Team Challenge

Virtual Chocolate Making Team Challenge
Virtual Chocolate Making Team Challenge

Have you ever thought of being a chocolatier for a day? Or perhaps you’re a massive fan of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory? Now you have a chance to try your hand at this delicious craft! Each participant will receive a kit with all of the necessities before the event to be able to actively take part in the workshop. During the masterclass you will create themed and quirky truffles and learn how to decorate them using professional techniques. Then get set to enjoy your sweet holiday treat!

  • Group Size: TBD
  • Price: From £38/$55 per person
  • Session Length: 60 minutes
  • Equipment: You will need a reliable Internet connection, a device with a front-facing camera, the latest version of Google Chrome, Zoom and the kit delivered to you before the event.

7. Virtual Christmas Cracker Making Workshops

Virtual Christmas Cracker Making Workshop
Virtual Christmas Cracker Making Workshop

Christmas crackers at the table are an inherent part of each Christmas celebration. And during this workshop you will learn how to make them from scratch all by yourself! Each participant will receive a kit with all of the necessities prior to the event, so all you will have to bring to the masterclass is your creativity and a festive spirit! You will be guided throughout the whole process by a host who will share their top tips and tricks to help you become a ‘Christmas Cracker’ master. Bring your team together and provide them lots of festive fun!

  • Group Size: 6 to 98
  • Price: From £26/$38 per person + £100/$140 workshop fee
  • Session Length: 60 – 90 minutes
  • Equipment: You will need a reliable Internet connection, the latest version of Google Chrome, Zoom and the kit delivered straight to your door.

8. Virtual Christmas Cooking Workshop

Virtual Christmas Cooking Workshop
Virtual Christmas Cooking Workshop

Do you know of a better way to bring people closer than by cooking together? We thought so! That’s why we’re offering you and your team a Christmas cooking workshop! During this masterclass you will have a chance to cook a delicious meal but also show off your cooking skills to your colleagues. A professional chef will guide you throughout the session. Choose your Christmas menu and learn how to master the recipes!

  • Group Size: 10 to 1000
  • Price: From £29/$41 per person
  • Session Length: 120 minutes
  • Equipment: You will need a reliable Internet connection, a PC or a laptop with a camera, the latest version of Google Chrome, Zoom and the kit delivered straight to your door.

9. Yolking From Home!

Yolking from Home!
Yolking from Home!

If you and your team are fans of TV game shows, this one will be perfect for you! Yolking from Home! is a game show themed activity that will entertain your team with lively, conversational games like no others. Participants are split into smaller groups and compete against each other in break-out rooms. There are six games to choose from that will entertain your team and keep them engaged every second.

  • Group Size: 8 to 180
  • Price: From £520/$725 for up to 15 people
  • Session Length: 45 – 90 minutes
  • Equipment: You will need a PC or a laptop with a reliable Internet connection and Zoom. You should also prepare headphones.

Self-hosted games and activities

Rock your next Christmas Zoom party with both the classic and modern games that everyone will enjoy. We know it’s no mean feat to organise any party, let alone a Christmas one (and on Zoom!), so we’ve prepared a few amazing ideas to help you out:

10. Virtual Secret Santa

Virtual Secret Santa

Yes, you read correctly: Secret Santa. This classic gift exchange isn’t reserved for in-person gatherings only, you can make it work virtually! You can either involve someone from the outside to help or get an app to do it for you. Either way, a gift-giver will have to be paired with a recipient. To make things neater (and to avoid any sad faces), start the process by agreeing on a price range and preparing a list with small gifts each of you would like to get.

Our hint: When throwing a Secret Santa for you and your colleagues, go for a theme! It obviously can be holiday themed, but what about something designed specifically for your team (and your inside jokes)? And if you’re looking for a fun plot twist why not agree on only quirky presents? It’s all up to you!

11. Holiday Trivia

Who doesn’t love a good trivia game, right? And if we combine the holidays and trivia, nobody will want to miss it! Use either an online trivia generator or appoint someone to prepare the holiday-packed questions, divide yourselves into small teams and show off your knowledge of everything Christmas! Watch everyone having their minds blown during the best Zoom holiday party ever! One small warning: it can get very competitive!

Our hint: To spice the game up a little bit, what do you think about throwing in some penalties? For example, make the participants sip their eggnog for each wrong answer or come up with other small penalties – maybe they could belt out their least favourite Christmas song.

12. Watch a Classic Christmas Film

Watch a Classic Christmas Film

Get your team together and celebrate with a Christmas classic. ‘A Christmas Story’, ‘Home Alone’ or ‘Elf’ are some of the most popular and beloved Christmas films. Sync the screens with your team and watch them together – it’s simpler than it sounds! According to our in-house team, the best way to do it is to nominate one person to share their screen with the rest of the group. To make things even more interesting, use Zoom’s chat option to talk with one another and comment on the film’s best (or worst) moments.

Our hint: We know that there is a limited number of times you can watch ‘Home Alone’ and not go crazy, so what about adding a small competition to your showing? Find out who knows the film best by stopping it at random §moments and nominating one of your colleagues to say the lines instead of the actors.

13. Pictionary

Pictionary is a classic game adored by people of all ages. And since we’re talking about festive games, let’s add a twist to this one and focus on Christmas-related things only! We assure you that it will result in lots of fun and laughter. Now you’re wondering how to transfer it to a virtual platform though, right? Divide yourselves into two teams and preferably use an online word generator to help you. Then use Zoom’s ‘Whiteboard’ tool and let the fun begin!

Our hint: We know that everyone has played Pictionary so many times that they are all pros at this point. But there is always a way to make it a little bit harder, even for the veterans. Drawing on the computer is already quite tricky, but what if you could make only five moves to sketch the clue… Challenge accepted?

14. Never Have I Ever: Christmas Edition

Let’s get honest and answer some of the most dreaded holiday questions: Never Have I Ever bought a present on Christmas Eve. Never Have I Ever lied about liking a present. Never Have I Ever re-gifted the present I got from a close friend. We’ve all been there, right? Get to know your colleagues’ small holiday sins and have fun along the way. If by any chance you struggle to come up with questions, you will be able to find lots of good ones online.

Our hint: Participants have to take a drink each time they are guilty of doing something. It can be eggnog, some hot cocoa or any drink of your choice, but keep it Christmassy for the sake of the festive season.

15. Name That Tune – Festive Music Charades

This activity will definitely bring lots of joy to you and your colleagues and it’s even simpler to organise than you may think! All you need to do is appoint a moderator and open up a playlist with Christmas songs on it. Then divide yourselves into teams and start the fun! The moderator will play 10-20 seconds of each song and a team has to guess what the song’s title is. If you’re up for an even bigger challenge, you can choose to guess not only the song title but also the artist!

Our hint: Playing pre-recorded music is already quite cliched, so why not try something different? Instead of creating a playlist, prepare your voices and hum the songs the others have to guess! Let’s see how well they will do then!

16. Christmas Film Charades

Act out iconic moments from classic Christmas films! Divide yourselves into small teams and awaken the acting gene in each of you. You can use Zoom’s spotlight feature to make sure that everyone can see the person making gestures. Pro tip: refresh your Christmas film memory and watch some of the classics beforehand to prepare yourself for the game and become the ultimate charade queen or king!

Our hint: There are so many films that you’ve seen a billion times, yet there are also those that you haven’t seen even once. So why not go in a slightly different direction than others and choose independent films for your team’s charades game? That way you will have a chance to broaden your cinematic knowledge and perhaps you will find a new favourite.

17. Virtual Christmas Bingo

Virtual Christmas Bingo

Bingo is a beloved game of young and old. So if you’re stuck for ideas, a round or two of Bingo may save your Zoom Christmas party! You don’t have to worry about preparing the boards and keeping them festive. It takes a quick Google search to find pdfs of holiday-themed Bingo cards and you’re ready to play!

Our hint: Since it is no ordinary Bingo game, but a Christmas-themed one, you should make some alterations. A tasty one could be using red and white M&Ms or Hershey’s Kisses as bingo markers.

18. Festive-themed Jeopardy

Who hasn’t dreamed of going on Jeopardy and challenging their knowledge, right? Now you have a chance to try your hand at it sitting comfortably at home and playing against your colleagues! Split yourselves into two teams, pick a host and let the fun begin! Let’s see who knows the most popular Christmas beverage or what’s the name of a Christmas plant that hangs above our heads.

Our hint: To make the game slightly more personal and tailored to your team, what about mixing in questions related to your colleagues and their holiday traditions? Or their embarrassing Christmas stories? If you have that information, don’t hesitate and throw it in.

19. Ugly Christmas Jumper Contest

Ugly Christmas Jumper Contest

Who doesn’t love to parade their ugly Christmas jumpers, right? Get them out from the back of your wardrobes and show off like it’s the latest fashion trend! Compare, share stories of how you found your jumper and vote on whose fashion choice is the quirkiest! Sip some hot cocoa or eggnog (each to their own) whilst chatting with your team and adoring their outfits.

Our hint: Let’s amp up the classic Ugly Christmas Jumper Contest and take it a step (or a few) further. How about matching your jumper with a pair of Christmassy socks or tracksuit bottoms with reindeer on them? We also know that some of you may have Christmassy onesies in your closets, so don’t be shy and show them off!

20. Stay-at-home Scavenger hunt – Christmas Edition

To top off our list, we have our team’s favourite: a stay-at-home scavenger hunt! No matter your age, it always brings lots of fun and boosts your creativity. Prepare a list of Christmas-related items that you and your colleagues will have to find within 30 seconds and show in front of the screen. To make it even more fun, add a little bit of competition, and divide yourselves into teams to see who is the quickest and has the most stuff!

Our hint: Don’t stick to things that are usually included in festive Scavenger hunts. You are more creative than a gold Christmas ball or a Santa hat. So what would you say about a pet dressed in Christmas clothes or a Christmas family photo that went wrong? Gather some fun ideas from your team and play away!

After a long year of hard work, you and your team deserve a chance to unwind and celebrate the season! Even though you may not be able to reunite for some festive fun in real life, you can still celebrate remotely with a Christmas bash on Zoom. Use one of the ideas from the list above and throw an online holiday party like no other!

For more amazing holiday ideas, check out our blog post on Top 21 Virtual Christmas Party Games & Ideas for 2022.


Here are the answers to your most asked questions!

What is a virtual Christmas party on Zoom?

A virtual Christmas party is a remote party hosted on the video conference platform Zoom. You can play games and do activities that are festive-themed whilst video calling your colleagues. Virtual parties are a great way to engage your remote employees and thank them for their hard work.

How do you host a Zoom Christmas party?

Before hosting a Christmas party for your team, decide on an activity you would like to include. It will save you worrying and ensure everyone is involved in the event. You can either use one of the ideas provided in this blog post, but you can also brainstorm something new – it’s all up to you! After all, you’re the one who knows your team the best. So decide what you will be doing and when, send out the invites and have a great time!

What are the best Zoom Christmas activities?

No two teams are the same, so it’s hard to decide what will work the best for you. But the best holiday parties are the ones that engage all of the team members and allow them to casually interact with one another. You should especially check out two of our bestsellers, Yolking from Home! and Reindeer Games. They will provide lots of fun for the whole team and grow them closer.

How can I make my virtual party stand out?

There are plenty of ways to make your Christmas party unforgettable and unique. The best way to do so is to hire a hosted team building activity. This type of event is something entirely new and exciting for your team, so you won’t have to worry about them being disengaged. You can also choose a theme for your party – in our case: Christmas! Get your coworkers to wear their most festive outfits and download a holiday backdrop to make your event even more Christmassy.

What are the benefits of hosting a Zoom Christmas party?

The situation in the world has forced some of us to move to remote mode, so our chances to socialise and get to know our coworkers better have decreased. This is why virtual Christmas parties are such a good idea! Hosting your office Christmas party on Zoom allows you to bring all of your employees together safely, and thank them for their hard work and celebrate the festive season together. They can also unwind and bond with one another, which improves their relationships and increases their productivity.

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