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15 Fun Ideas to Celebrate Pride Month at Work in 2022 + Virtual Pride Month Activities

Published on 26th May 2022
Virtual events15 Fun Ideas to Celebrate Pride Month at Work in 2022 + Virtual Pride Month Activities

Pride Month is a time to uplift LGBTQIA+ voices and shine a spotlight on the issues facing the community. During this month employers can support diversity and celebrate their employees while also making the workplace a safer and more welcoming space for everyone! Allowing employees to be who they are, without having to conceal their true selves is a significant start to bringing change to work culture. 

To help you plan something special for Pride Month, we’ve come up with a few celebratory ideas for your hybrid team.

Why should you celebrate Pride Month at work?

Pride Month is more than just the time to profess support for the LGBTQIA+ community, it’s a time to reflect on past and present inequities. The workplace is often a location that’s left behind when it comes to meaningful societal changes. According to an article published by Forbes, workplace culture is frequently to blame for a lack of rapport between the company and employees at work. Companies that have adopted a more inclusive and diverse culture don’t just improve job satisfaction, they also support the building of positive relationships among employees.  Moreover, businesses that support the community are known to thrive and receive higher support from customers. By building an environment where employees are celebrated for who they are, companies create a welcoming workplace where people can learn, grow and perform better. 

Pride Month is not merely a celebration of identity or freedom of expression, it’s also about uplifting our co-workers, employees, and everyone around us. 

If you’re looking for a few ways to empower your employees this month or all year long, here are some Pride Month Celebration Ideas for the month and beyond: 

Pride Month Virtual Trivia

Our all-time team building favourite, Team Quest has received a major Pride upgrade! Customised for Pride Month celebrations, this 60-minute online trivia experience consists of mini-games and quizzes that spotlight the queer community. It’s an interactive virtual team-building exercise is ideal for teams who love a little competition mixed with merriment! Pride trivia parties are both entertaining and educational. Teams will get to learn new things about the community and indulge in some serious fun!

Team Quest is incredibly engaging and the customised background will make you feel like you’re in an actual Pride Parade! The Trivia questions allow teams to scratch their competitive itch while bonding with peers and actively contributing to awareness at work! Learn more about it here.

Virtual Icebreaker

To celebrate Pride Month with you this year, we are offering Pride-themed customisation of our best-selling icebreaker for teams: the legendary Around the World. It’s a fun and educational game where remote teams will get to catch up with their peers and learn facts about the LGBTQIA+ community and the history of Pride Month! Great for both online parties and team building, this game sends players out on a globetrotting journey where they overcome challenges and acquire as many points as they can to win the game.

Around the World consists of several mini-games that require players to cooperate and operate as a team to win! All you have to do is drop us a line and we will set up a Pride-themed background that adds to the atmosphere as your teams navigate through a series of challenges based on Pride history and facts. Learn more about it here.

Virtual Drag Queen Bingo

Drag is rooted in the history of sexual minorities. The term ‘drag’ itself was used by gay people in the 1920s. Drag Queen Bingo is an ideal way to celebrate Pride Month as it allows your team to virtually witness the artistic talent of drag performers. Moreover, it’s an event full of comedy and light competition. Get your team ready for the wackiest event and belly aches! Hosted by the famous drag queen Charlie Hides, this Bingo is nothing like your grandma’s bingo! The game consists of 3 rounds and all you have to do is get a pen and paper or use your phone to mark your Bingo Card! 

 Drag has played an important role in LGBTQIA+ history. By throwing a Drag Queen Bingo Party, you allow participants to discover the community while enjoying an experience rich in humour.  Learn more it here.

Support LGBTQIA+ owned businesses

Social issues are directly related to businesses, and there is no more straightforward means to show your support to LGBTQIA+ folks, than by supporting their businesses. Through your support of a business that is LGBTQIA+ friendly or directly owned by the member of the community, you not only demonstrate commitment to inclusion and diversity but you also reward your employees with a product or service that they will appreciate. For instance, why not gift your employees some coffee bundles from Equator Coffees. The company was founded by Helen Russell and her partner, who built a work culture that’s rooted in diversity and inclusion. Alternatively, you get your staff a voucher or even a book on the history of Pride Month from an LGBTQIA+-owned bookstore. Check out this list of brands giving back to the community or these Etsy shops owned and operated by LGBTQIA+ business owners. 

Donate to a Cause that Serves the Community 

Supporting the community by donating to a cause empowers minority groups and sheds light on the current issues that they’re facing. You can either donate to a charity that’s part of the queer community or give to a larger non–profit organisation that works around the world. The Trevor Project and Human Rights Campaign Foundation are two such organisations that address the stigma faced by LGBTQIA+ people. Make sure to support causes that align with your company’s values. Charities that support sexual minorities can benefit from donations as they use them to empower people and raise awareness on the issues faced by LGBTQIA+ people.

Share a Blog Post

Blogs are an excellent venue for spotlighting the LGBTQIA+ community in June. It’s essential not to capitalise on Pride Month as readers despise tokenism and will see through inauthentic attempts to monetise the occasion. Showing public support through a post requires genuine interest from your company. You may also want to feature stories of LGBTQIA+ figures as stories help build a connection with the audience. 

Another option is to share a list of blogs run by people belonging to the community.

Here are a few blog post ideas:

  • Ways to Support LGBTQIA+ Communities
  • How to Celebrate Pride Month 
  • A Guide to Pronouns in the workplace
  • Spotlight on LGBTQIA+Q businesses 
  • Pride Month festivals, parades, and activities in 2022

Focus on writing a blog post that’s relevant to both your industry and the community.  Blog posts allow you to delve deeper into the topic and share some useful information with people inside and outside of the organisation. Using your voice to contribute to the conversation on inclusion is always helpful. 

Dedicate a Social Media Post to the Community

pride month ideas for work

It’s nearly June and you’re running out of time? Commit to a social media post. Social media posts are attention-grabbing pieces of content that require only a few seconds or a minute for the reader to catch the message. Many companies share their views on LinkedIn and Instagram, showing their active participation in social change. Raise awareness by dedicating a post to Pride Month, you can share quotes that highlight their present and past struggles, spotlight LGBTQIA+ employees or talk about a historical queer figure. Sharing a social media post on the subject demonstrates your company’s beliefs and culture. It also raises awareness of the struggles and victories of the queer community.

Attend a Pride Parade Online

online pride parade

Parades are the most vibrant Pride events; they bring a smile to everyone’s face and remind people of the beauty of diversity. It’s not always possible to gather everyone at the same time when you all work from home. Yet, you can all enjoy the magic of a Pride parade together! You can either ask several attendees to live stream themselves or simply attend live online parades on Zoom or Google Meet as they’re hosted live on Facebook and YouTube.

You get to choose which parades to attend, whether it’s Tokyo Pride Parade or the Annual NYC Pride parade! While some may be reluctant to join the parade alone, doing it together online is fun and allows your team to learn more about the queer community. Encourage the use of props, costumes, and decorations! Don’t forget to dress up the fur friends too! You can find out more about New York Pride here. Another option to consider, are virtual pride tours, where participants get to learn about the queer community and its history in a particular city. Check out this Pride Month Tour In Barcelona!

Curate a playlist of LGBTQIA+ Artists

pride month ideas

Lil Nas X, Miley Cyrus, and Elton John are a few popular names that you can already add to your Pride Month playlist! Nothing brings people together quite like great music. People get to discover their colleagues’ musical preferences and discuss fashion, music, and style while working remotely, which feels a lot like an in-person coffee break chat. Employees will enjoy working from home with great music in the background while being actively educated and entertained by the community. Sharing a playlist can get the conversation started! Turning the activity into a collaborative experience and inviting people to add their own favourite LGBTQIA+ artists to the list will encourage employees to talk about Pride Month! Consider songs that talk about the struggles of the artists and don’t forget to add hit songs by all-time gay community favourite artists like Madonna!

Here is a free playlist on Youtube and another on Spotify for you to share with your colleagues!

Celebrate with an Online Cooking Class

Some people don’t like the spotlight and prefer keeping their work life and private life separate. To encourage diversity at work, notably within remote teams, it’s important to host activities that make everyone feel like they belong. Online cooking classes are an excellent idea to promote inclusion. You can even ask the host to make a Pride Month shout-out if you’re opting for a fully-hosted event. Bonus points for those who wear rainbow colours! 

 Here are a few cooking classes to consider:

Thai Cooking Feast

Thailand is known for its unique cuisine. Bond with your mates over a plate of homemade crunchy sweet-sour salad. The host will guide you through a dish from start to finish. But the party doesn’t have to end here! Follow up with some drinks or a wine tasting class to make this Pride Month the most memorable one.

Tiramisu Masterclass

Dessert is always a good option. Easy and lighthearted, the Tiramisu online cooking class is perfect for any time of the week! The host will carry a lively class with step-by-step instructions for you to create the most delicious Tiramisu ever. Ask for host rights to be handed to you or a colleague once the class is over to bond with your peers while enjoying your lip-smacking dessert!

Mexican Street Food

 Celebrate diversity with a colourful plate of salsa and tortillas! Get on Zoom and learn how to make your favourite smoked chipotle chicken or cauliflower tacos. Our host will make sure to get everyone talking while stirring up an amazing dish.

Host a Virtual Happy Hour 

Let’s keep it real. Having a few drinks together is the best way to get conversations started. Promote inclusivity and get people talking about Pride Month by asking everyone to share their thoughts on the subject. Remember to be respectful towards one another! Online happy hours are a fun Pride social event. You can structure your remote happy hour with other activities such as trivia, karaoke, Drag Bingo, or Mixology lessons. We suggest getting some hampers for your team with snacks and drinks to treat them to a special pride evening.

Check out our mixology and tasting classes!

Add a Pride Background 

Jazzing up our Zoom backgrounds to match festive occasions is how we celebrate when working remotely! If there’s one thing you can surely not skip this Pride Month, it’s adding a Pride-themed wallpaper to your Zoom Meetings to pay a colourful tribute to your LGBTQIA+ peers. It’s a lot simpler than you may think! All you have to do is open the app, click on the gear button to navigate to Settings, and select your virtual background. Click on the + icon to upload your picture. You can choose anything from a Pride parade, the rainbow flag to quotes about diversity or pictures of prominent LGBTQIA+ icons!

Wondering where to find some pretty Pride Backgrounds? Here are some links to them:

Alternatively, you can design your custom masterpieces in Canva and PicMonkey.

Here are a few ready-made backgrounds just for you!

Pride month ideas
Pride month at work ideas
pride month virtual party ideas

Focus on Language Inclusivity

People may choose to use a variety of gender pronouns. Hold a workshop or a presentation on the topic, addressing the use of gender pronouns at work. Implement a few strategies to allow respect towards your employees and colleagues. For example, ask pronouns to be added to email signatures and pay attention to verbal introductions and check-ins. It’s best to ask how people prefer to be addressed than to make hurtful assumptions and use the wrong pronoun. You can use Google Forms for employees to fill in a personal form that addresses the following questions:

  • What pronouns do you use?
  • How would you like to be addressed?
  • Can you remind me which pronouns you like for yourself?

It might sound awkward but it’s a good starting point for lasting change at work. Holding a presentation or workshop will make it easier for people to come forward with suggestions!

Sprinkle Pride Emojis (like confetti!)

If you can’t sprinkle joy, sprinkle emojis! Remote employees miss lively interactions with their peers when celebrating a cause. A dash of the right graphics adds fun to conversations while reminding employees of a meaningful event. Slack allows you to customise your emojis, so why not get your staff involved and have them create the best Pride emojis for the occasion! You could even host a competition for the most creative Pride emoji and announce the winner at the end of Pride Month. Here’s how you can add an emoji to your Slack channel!

Throw a Watch Party

Art knows no boundaries and watching a movie together can not only educate people about LGBTQIA+ issues but also celebrate LGBTQIA+ employees and the community at large. Plus, everyone loves a good movie. All you’ll need to do is pick a movie and send out Zoom invitations. You can even host a quick survey for everyone to have a say in the movie selection. Use a program like Watch2Gether to sync media.

Here are some fantastic LGBTQIA+ movies to choose from:

Tips for celebrating Pride Month at Work

  • There are various reasons why some employees may opt-out of celebrating Pride Month. Since sexuality is personal, some might simply prefer not to mix their private life with their professional life. If your workforce is diverse, chances are they come from different cultural backgrounds and have different views about Pride Month. Whether it’s a lack of interest or personal choice, it’s vital not to force employees to join the celebrations. 
  • Be careful with assumptions or generalisations. Avoid stereotypes and treat all employees with respect without assuming that they are all the same. While LGBTQIA+ members might share some characteristics, each person is different. Pick your words carefully as they might be hurtful or alienate your employees. 
  • Pride Month is all about celebrating one’s identity, therefore it’s crucial not to force anyone to share their sexuality with colleagues. When hosting activities, it’s best not to put the spotlight on LGBTQIA+ employees unless they’ve volunteered to talk about their experiences.  
  • Focus on inclusion and diversity. It’s important to host activities that promote inclusivity whether it’s a round of trivia or drag queen bingo, make sure that everyone feels comfortable participating and enjoys the session. 
  • Avoid tokenism and incorporate activities that align with your organisation’s culture and beliefs. While it’s good to pay tribute to Pride Month, it’s essential to encourage openness and support towards minorities all year round. 

Final Thoughts

Celebrating Pride Month is a way to nurture strong and positive relationships between employees. It also serves as a reflection of your company’s commitment to inclusion. Rainbow flags and emojis don’t mean much if your company’s culture and values do not align with the spirit of Pride Month. Pride-themed activities help bring team members together despite the distance but they also help employees feel safer and appreciated for who they are at work! 

We hope our Pride Month celebration ideas will help make your workplace a better one! Happy Pride Month! 


What is Pride Month?

Pride Month takes place in June and it is dedicated to the celebration of the queer community. There are numerous parades, festivals, and awareness campaigns dedicated to the cause throughout the month. Pride began as a protest against discrimination. Pride Month takes place in June to honour the 1969 Stonewall riots, or the Stonewall Uprising. People gathered to fight for LGBTQIA+ rights back then and still do to this day.

When is Pride Month in 2022?

Many countries such as the U.S., U.K., Canada, and Japan celebrate Pride Month in June, and 2022 is no exception. The Stonewall Riots took place on June 28th in 1969 when a gay club known as the Stonewall Inn was raided. The protests lasted six days and ultimately led to a massive change in how the LGBTQIA+ community was perceived which is why June has been declared Pride Month. Pride Month is all about honouring the activists who fought and continue to fight for the rights of the community.

Is Pride Month the same as LGBTQIA+ History Month?

No! Although both of them are dedicated to the LGBTQIA+ community, they are two distinct events. The LGBTQIA+ History month highlights the achievements of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people and the history of gay rights and related movements whereas Pride Month focuses on the celebration of the community and its ongoing struggle for equality. LGBTQIA+ History Month is celebrated in October and is a nod to the Washington Marches of 1979 and 1987 that eventually led to the designation of October as LGBTQIA+ History Month.

Why should you host activities for Pride Month at work?

Hosting activities such as Pride Trivia, Drag Queen Bingo, or dedicating a blog post to the community shows your support for all LGBTQIA+ employees and the community as a whole. When you hold activities that highlight the history and beauty of Pride Month, you give the chance to others to educate themselves while empowering LGBTQIA+ employees.

How can I celebrate Pride Month virtually with my team?

There are many ways to celebrate Pride Month online, whether it’s through a fully-hosted event like Drag Queen Bingo or more simple activities like hosting a Pride Month history Trivia on Kahoot or Quizlet. Alternatively, you can also add a custom Pride Month Zoom Background to your online meetings during the whole month. Dedicating a blog post that highlights LGBTQIA+ employees or the community is another great way to pay tribute to the community. Other activities such as cooking classes, wellbeing sessions, or virtual happy hours are excellent ways to bring everyone together and celebrate each and everyone who makes your company a success! 

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