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Top Minimum Spend Venues in London

Here at Tagvenue, we list a range of minimum spend venues, so it's easy to find an affordable space for your next special occasion. Minimum spend venues are ideal if you want to avoid paying a hire fee for a venue. Instead of paying a venue charge, on the night of your event you and your guests just have to spend a minimum amount at the bar. Finding a great minimum spend venue has never been this easy! See how fast you can book a budget-friendly hire space with Tagvenue today.

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Minimum Spend Venues Hire Guide

Free venue hire in central London? Sounds too good to be true! But it’s absolutely possible with a minimum spend venue. A minimum spend means you don’t need to pay a separate hire fee - you’re just required to spend a certain amount on drinks and/or food served during your event. For example, when throwing a party for 100 in a venue with a £1000 minimum spend, it’ll cost you just £10 per head!

And the really great news? In London, there are plenty of minimum spend clubs, bars and other venues. When organising a private party or other event, getting your guests to pay for themselves makes meeting the minimum spend even easier. When you divide the cost between your guests, a minimum spend means venue hire will be a lot cheaper than you’d expect. If there’s a large group of people attending your event, meeting the minimum spend will be easy as pie.

Minimum spend venues – tips, tricks and ideas:

  • Keep in mind that a minimum spend generally covers the drinks although food may also be included. 
  • Double check if the minimum spend works with your budget. If not, you can always try negotiating different terms.
  • No hire fee bars are great for parties, especially 21st birthdays and leaving parties.
  • Remember that the minimum spend needs to be reached during the hours of your venue hire. Otherwise, you might end up needing to settle the difference.
  • Hiring a minimum spend wedding venue saves you a lot of time and money.  After all, there’s no hire fee! There are plenty of stunning no hire fee venues in London, and Tagvenue’s mission is to help you find the perfect one.
  • If you have any questions or doubts, it’s best to ask the venue manager or read the terms and conditions of the venue hire.
  • If you want a private space with a minimum spend, hotel function rooms and private rooms in pubs, clubs and dining rooms will be your best bet.

Looking for someone to point you in the right direction? Here at Tagvenue we focus on finding the best venues in London at the best price. When organising a private party, such as a baby shower, hen night or a big birthday bash, a minimum spend is one of the most budget-friendly options. You can estimate the price of the event in advance, food and drink are taken care of and you don’t need to pay any extra hire fees. What’s not to like?

If this is your first time booking a professional venue, you don’t have to worry! Tagvenue made this entire process easier than ever. Here’s a simple list of things you need to know when hiring a minimum spend venue in London:

  • Pick the right location. You’ll make it way easier to choose from hundreds of venues if you narrow the list down to your neighbourhood, or a specific part of London. Just zoom towards where you want to search on our interactive venue map. If you have guests coming from afar for your meeting or party, you can even opt for locations close to major London airports or train stations.
  • Check the details on the commute. Unless you live super close to your venue of choice, there are two main ways you can use to traverse the city. You can get to your space by car or by public transport. If you’ll be driving, make sure the venue has some free parking available, or at least a commercial parking garage where you can leave your car. If you want to plan out your commute via tube or bus, you can look up the closest station on the venue’s page and use the “Plan A Journey” app by Transport for London to check the easiest and fastest route.
  • Make a guest list. Most venues have a limit of how many people can be seated, so bear that in mind during your search. Count how many people you need to invite and set this as your guest count in our search engine. When it comes to the invitations, you can send them out in many ways. For a business meeting or party, you can email them, send out messages on Slack, or set the event on your business calendar. Facebook groups, SMS messages or invitation cards would be better for celebrations with your family and friends.
  • Send an enquiry to your VM. After you have all the basic information, you can contact your venue manager, and ask about all the details. They will be able to answer all of your questions, and send you the terms and conditions of the venue. After you’re sure of your pick, you can sign the hire agreement!

And that's it! After you lock in your venue, you can take care of the small things such as the music and some fun activities. You don't have to worry about the details, since the venue managers will handle that for you!

Minimum Spend Venues in London FAQ

What does minimum spend mean?

Minimum spend is a way to book an event space without any hire fee. Most venues have a set minimum spend, and this can range from thousands of pounds to less than £50. During your event you will need to purchase drinks and food for the agreed upon amount. If you don’t reach the minimum spend, you will need to settle for the difference at the end of your event.

Which types of venues in London offer a minimum spend option?

While minimum spend is a popular pricing model for nightclubs, pubs, bars, and private event rooms, many restaurants and cafes often offer this option as well. The price for minimum spend can vary, so be sure and find the venue that can meet your price point.

When does it make sense to hire a space based on minimum spend?

Hiring a minimum spend venue makes a great deal of sense when you are inviting guests who will be covering their own tabs. This makes it a great model for birthdays, baby showers or office get-togethers.

What are minimum spend prices for spaces in London?

You can find minimum spend venues in London for as little as £50. Depending on the location, size, and additional facilities, minimum spend for venues in Central London can reach up to £10000. (All data from Tagvenue.)

Guests Reviews of Minimum Spend Venues on Tagvenue

Rory Smith
Booked Booths at SAMA Bankside
The venue was lovely and as the night went on the atmosphere grew as well. We booked the blue seating booth, but ended up hardly using it, instead choosing to stand around the bar, which didn't seem to be a problem. The staff were helpful and there was a good energy between them. Other than our party, there were two other groups on the same floor, but we felt like we had enough space of our own. In addition, another group had reserved the beer pong table, but we were able to use it for a game or two after checking with them.
Lisa-Jane Maynard
Booked Studio 61 at Sway
All the workers on the night were amazing even when a couple of friends and family came without ID. They showed us to the room, checked on us all night, let me know when we'd hit the minimum spend and even had a little boogy with us. They even checked at the end of the night how it went. Niamh was amazing always friendly and answering my questions. Would 100% recommend to use sway... Much cheaper than hiring a hall and much more intimate that getting a table inside a club... We pretty much got free rein with what to do with the room. It was really such an amazing night for my partner and his surprise 30th.
Kea Tossavainen
Booked Function Room at The Joker
I've been trying to find words to describe how amazingly everything went, but I have no words. When I booked the venue, I had issues with my payment (transferring money from another country) and they were patient and helpful with me. Every email I sent, I got a fast and helpful response back. Roxy helped me with everything I needed. The actual event came and I had planned nothing. The staff were really helpful setting up my party. I loved the vibe in the function room. The room was fantastic. Our own bar, chairs and tables that we could use, big windows so full of light and sound system where I could plug in my own phone to play music. Everything I wanted from the party venue and more. The bar staff were just amazing. They made us feel welcome, handled a card machine issue beautifully and just made the party even more fun! When my friends surprised me with a cake, the bar staff helped them set it up and it came as a full surprise to me. Food was sooo good and there was enough of it. I ordered food for 30 people, there was 15 of us, but because the party lasted long, everything was eaten. Everything the vegan plate had were amazing, especially the burgers, and the people who ate the meat were really happy too. I just cannot recommend this place enough. If you want a function room full of personality with amazing staff and catering.
Booked Semi-Exclusive Main Bar at Lost Society (Battersea SW11)
I definitely recommend Lost Society Battersea for any kind of events! I personally organised a 30th Surprise Birthday Party for my partner and it turned out great! The staff on the evening as well as the Event Manager, Fru, were absolutely great and super helpful as well as caring with my wishes. The Venue itself vibrates a fresh but classy atmosphere through its brand new design. The music and the DJs on the evening were great and created a fun atmosphere. More, the guests ordered food on the spot and as I understood it was great as well and quickly served. Overall, my experience was absolutely positive and I definitely recommend Lost Society Battersea .
Adam Soilleux
Booked Cocktail Lounge at Forge
Great venue, very hospitable, allowed us to put up some decorations, ensured the night went smoothly etc. No hire charge and a very reasonable minimum spend amount. Couldn't have asked for more from the venue!
Lyndsay Wolfe
Booked Function Room at The Yorkshire Grey
The space is a perfect size for event hires and we were able to have access to our own private bar (minimum spend was smaller than many other venues in the area), play our own music (iPad plugged into their systems) and the venue were more than accomodating - they can arrrange pre-ordered food and drinks but we just chose the bar as ‘pay as you go’ and we more than met our minimum spend.

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