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Looking for corporate event venues in London? We're happy to give you a helping hand. From determining your budget to negotiating with suppliers, it pays to be organised when planning a corporate or business event. Sourcing a great venue is key as it sets the tone of your event, so make it one of your first priorities. Here at Tagvenue we’ve shortlisted the capital’s most popular venues for corporate events, corporate and business meetings, networking events, promotional events and business presentations. Just hop to our search bar and make your booking today!

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Corporate Event Venues Hire Guide

From high-tech conferences in a very professional setting to fun corporate parties and company picnics, corporate event planning requires that you consider a lot of different factors. Be sure you don’t miss anything with these corporate venue hire tips:

Determine your budget – Decide on your budget to see what kind of venue you can hire and what activities you can  plan for your event. Setting a budget will also allow you to see how big of an event can you organise and whether you can hire any external providers. Remember that when it comes to venue hire, there are different pricing types, such as minimum spend, hire fee, or a daily delegate rate (DDR).

Pick the date early and send out invitations as soon as possible – Maximise attendance at your event by giving people plenty of advance notice. Remember to add RSVP so you know how many people to expect at your event. By having a closed guest list ahead of time you will be able to prepare the best experience for your guests.

Think about what A/V and conference facilities you’ll need – Remember to provide a projector, mics and speakers, screen, and/or a flipchart if you’re planning to make a presentation. Make sure the audiovisual system is good enough for the kind of corporate event you’re organising. Many professional meeting venues or co-working spots will have such equipment on-site, but if you choose a non-corporate place for your event, make sure the venue has everything you may need. If the place can’t provide necessary amenities, make sure you can bring and use your own.

Choose the right venue type – Depending on the type of the event you’re organising, you should choose the venue accordingly. You don’t want to end up throwing a party in a dull boardroom or presenting your company’s achievements in a noisy bar. London is full of unique places and thanks to Tagvenue you will find just what your company needs!

Think about party entertainment – How about hiring some brilliant performers to entertain your corporate guests? Comedians, musicians, jugglers, and dancers are some of the most popular choices. You can also look for a venue that offers karaoke or other in-house entertainment you could use for your event. Remember that even if you’re organising corporate workshops or brainstorming sessions, a short break  may work miracles for your workers’ creative process.

There’s one more thing that all corporate events have in common: a great venue. Here’s a rundown of some of the most popular types of corporate venues in London:

Auditorium – Looking for a place for your company’s AGM? This might be a perfect choice. Auditoriums are an excellent option for bigger groups and events involving public speaking, such as annual general meetings, as mentioned above.

Our venue recommendation: 

Theatre at The Royal Institution - a historic venue in the heart of London that’s a great spot for large corporate events. With many other rooms available for hire, an in-house AV team and catering offers this venue is sure to meet all the needs of your event. Guest rating: 4.8/5

Rooftop terraces – Imagine throwing a corporate drinks reception with breathtaking views of London’s iconic buildings. The city’s famous skyline would make a great conversation starter for your colleagues and business partners.

Our venue recommendation: 

The Terrace at Doggett's Coat and Badge - let your guests enjoy the panoramic views of The City while sipping on the selection of drinks. With indoor space available as well, it’s a great spot for all types of corporate events throughout the year. Guest rating: 4.8/5 

Bars and pubs – From laid-back pubs to chic cocktail bars, London has it all. These kinds of settings are ideal for company Christmas parties, networking events, and corporate receptions.

Our venue recommendation:

The Cocktail Lounge at The Parlour - a semi-exclusive space ideal for all the cocktail lovers. With a selection of drinks, it’s a great spot for after work drinks, a networking session or just a team outing. Guest rating: 5.0/5

Karaoke – Looking for creative ideas for corporate activities? Karaoke is the perfect choice for a fun team activity that encourages team-bonding and sparks creativity. Divide your group into opposing teams or organise a talent show to choose your company’s rock star.

Our venue recommendation:

Karaoke Room at The Chelsea Pensioner - offering a private bar, in-house catering and over 80,000 songs on the karaoke machine this venue will provide all-night fun for your guests. Ideal for a team-building outing as well as after parties. Guest rating: 4.9/5

Lounges - Usually spacious, but with seating areas and a bar, lounges are great for bigger events. Offering plenty of space for circulating, a lounge can be a perfect choice for a networking event or a product launch.

Our venue recommendation:

Cafe Lounge at Uncommon Borough -  with modern design and other meeting spaces available for hire, this venue will make your large corporate event worry-free. You can choose in-house catering or an external one to meet all your guests’ needs. Guest rating: 4.8/5

Corporate Event Venues in London FAQ

How do I pick the ideal venue for my corporate event?

When choosing a venue for your corporate event, make sure to consider size, price, ease of access, hospitality standards, functionality and suitability for your corporate image or brand safety. Venue marketplaces such as Tagvenue are excellent places to source venues experienced in meeting corporate standards.

What is included in the corporate event package offer?

A corporate event package should provide an event tailored to your particular needs. Packages are generally priced on a per person basis and will cover the cost of the meal. In most packages the meal will usually include a three-course dinner. Unless alternate arrangements for wine or a drink with dinner, drinks are usually charged separately. Entertainment and decoration can also be offered by the venue or they may be able to recommend featured vendors who are available at an extra charge.

What catering options do I have when choosing a corporate event venue?

When choosing a corporate event venue you may hire one that comes with in-house catering, enabling the venue to prepare whatever you need for the event. However, you may be required to hire outside vendors. If you are faced with a strict budget, it is best to ask for cost estimates from a number of venues to decide which option will be cheapest for your event. In either case, it could be wise to check if the conference venue offers a BYOB option. You can enjoy significant savings by providing your own beverages for the event, even if there is a corkage fee.

How much does it cost to hire a corporate event venue in London?

Venue pricing may vary greatly depending on the day of the week and the time of the day. Sizing and on-site amenities may also influence the pricing. If you decide on a venue with minimum spend expect prices from £500 to £8000. Per hour rates will start from £48. If you want to hire a venue per day or per session prices start at as low as £80. (All data from Tagvenue.)

Guests Reviews of Corporate Event Venues on Tagvenue

Sarah Bartlett
Booked Victorian Loft at Lumiere London Southwark
Great venue, everyone was very impressed! Lots of space, nice and light. We used this for an all day work event for 60 people, didn't feel we were squashed into a room. Very clean Everyone loved the coffee machine Staff were very freindly and tentative, did not get in the way Massive tv screens were great for the presentation Could have used the mic if we needed but could hear everything without Overall great venue, will be using again
Sarah Harper
Booked The Loading Bay at Techspace Shoreditch
Very easy communication with the events team. Fantastic, friendly and supportive staff. Helpful during the whole event process (booking, pre- and during event). Facilities were beyond expectation and incredibly high quality (2018 MacBook Air converter plugs, fantastic easy to use AV/tech). My team and attendees all had positive comments about venue, space and set up. Due to our positive experience, my team is keen to continue working with the venue. Thank you for a brilliant experience!
Charlotte Leigh
Booked Whole Venue at BEAT LONDON
Great venue with great staff who were willing to help and accommodate for our event. Particularly loved the projection mapping - it really changes the whole room. Thanks to Roman, Ludo, Dimitri, Evelyn and all other staff for your help x
Booked Lower Floor at SAMA Bankside
Size of venue was perfect and catered for our needs very well. The food and drinks were all great and went down well with attendees (though the sausage and mash could have been hotter!). Staff were friendly and accommodating as well, and Humphrey was extremely helpful in arranging the specifics of the day, from the site visit to ensuring the correct AV facilities were set up for our presentations. All in all, a very positive experience.
Catherine Zahra
Booked Whole Venue at The Menier Penthouse
The space was fabulous, big open windows with views across to the city despite the grey misty day. It was a busy day so it was great to have so much natural light. It was also a change to our usual corporate environment so the team could really separate themselves from their usual work for a day. The staff who looked after us were lovely and very attentive. It was great having someone on hand to help and to make sure everything ran smoothly.
Carla Thomas
Booked Back Area at Cereal Killer Cafe Brick Lane
Loved everything about the venue and team there. They were super helpful, friendly, and attentive. This was the smoothest venue hire we've had and the guests loved the venue, food, and drinks. Thank you, guys!

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